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BeoLab 18 (oak)

BeoLab 18

Enjoy maximum freedom when setting up your home - thanks to the exceptional sound quality of wireless BeoLab 18. Unprecedented acoustics in your home - without any restrictions.

2.245,00 ¤
Playmaker Bundle (black)

Playmaker Bundle

BeoLab 3 comes with ICEPower amplifiers, which means that all you need is an Playmaker to complete your high-performing sound system.

3.770,00 ¤
BeoLab 11 (silver)

BeoLab 11

With its compact, tulip-shaped design, the BeoLab 11 subwoofer combines excellent bass performance with a unique and elegant design that complements any décor.

1.595,00 ¤
BeoPlay A2 all

BeoPlay A2

BeoPlay A2 - a portable Bluetooth loudspeaker optimised for social listening that you can bring with you everywhere.

instead 399,00 ¤
only 333,00 ¤

BeoLab 14 Surround Sound Speaker Set (blue)

BeoLab 14

Thanks to the universal connectivity of BeoLab 14, now every TV set can convince with true Bang & Olufsen sound - regardless of whether the TV is a Bang & Olufsen TV, or comes from another manufacturer.

2.495,00 ¤
BeoVision Avant 85 - 90-years special edition

BeoVision Avant 85 Rose Golden -...

The BeoVision Avant has been specially designed to offer exceptional flexibility. The 90-year special edition BeoVision Avant 85 has an aluminum frame in Rose Golden. In addition, the cover for the center speaker and the rear aluminum covers are kept in the Jubilee color, too.

22.995,00 ¤