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Playmaker is the ultimate fusion of digital music and Bang & Olufsen Sound. Optimized for Airplay and DLNA you can stream from nearly any mobile device.

BeoLit 12 (white)

BeoLit 12

Great sound is mobile - with this wireless and portable music system for your digital devices.

BeoLab 17 brocken ice

BeoLab 17

A wireless speaker that makes an evenly balanced sound, no matter where you rotate it.

BeoPlay H6 (natural color and black color)

BeoPlay H6

The new BeoPlay H6 is a noble over-ear headphone that impresses with its outstanding sound performance. Carefully crafted for mobile music enjoyment, the BeoPlay H6 reproduce all intricacies of music at any volume absolutely authentic. Thereby was special attention placed to a balanced midrange and clear reproduction of bass and treble.

The product fascinates me very much, but I have only the following budget available: 399,00
BeoLab 12-3 on Wall Bracket

BeoLab 12

The digital loudspeaker family characterized by exceptional surround sound and a uniform design language. The elegant design of BeoLab 12 reflects a soothing wave pattern. The BeoLab 12-family ideal for surround setups. BeoLab 12 either can be mounted on the wall, or be placed in the room on a floor stand.

Essence Bundle with BeoLab 3

BeoSound Essence + BeoLab 3 Bundle

Enjoy a simple and beautiful audio system.
For a limited time: When you buy a pair of BeoLab 3 speakers you will get a BeoSound Essence for free.

instead 4.315,00
only 3.520,00