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BeoLab Receiver 1

BeoLab Receiver 1

With BeoLab Receiver 1, you can integrate your wired Bang & Olufsen speakers seamlessly into your Immaculate Wireless Sound Setup.

Earphones A8 (black)

Earphones A8

These in-ear headphones were designed aware that they perfectly adapt the contours and curves of the human ear. Made from anodized aluminum and hard rubber, these headphones offer superior acoustics and ergonomics.

instead 160,00
only 125,00

Speaker Cover for BeoPlay V1

Speaker Cover for BeoPlay V1

With these colored speaker cover you will give your BeoPlay V1 a personal touch. Simply slide in sideways into the device.

BeoLab 19 (topaz grey)

BeoLab 19

With the exceptionally precise bass reproduction of BeoLab 19 you enhance the cinematic experience and depth to a very special atmosphere.

BeoLab 18 (oak)

BeoLab 18

Enjoy maximum freedom when setting up your home - thanks to the exceptional sound quality of wireless BeoLab 18. Unprecedented acoustics in your home - without any restrictions.

BeoLab 15 (white), BeoLab 16

BeoLab 15&16

The new system builds on a broad spectrum of signature Bang & Olufsen capabilities to pack amazing sound into unexpected places. The active speakers harness an array of high-end components to deliver expansive audio performance from very compact constructions.

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