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Beo4 remote control


The Beo4 remote control is the key to BeoLink system. Beo4 is a remote so simple that it can be operated in the dark. At the same time it is so powerful that it does not even have to be pointed at the source. It is made of cool zinc and fits comfortably in the hand.

BeoCom 6000 (red) on Table Charger

BeoCom 6000 - Set

The popular cordless phone is characterized by a striking form and the innovative navigation wheel. The phone concept features an integrated phone book, that can accessed by each of the up to 8 handsets. The system is even compatible with the striking BeoCom 2.

EarSet 3i (white)

Earset 3i

This lightweight and custom-fit headphones with microphone and Apple Remote is the ideal traveling companion.

BeoLit 12 (white)

BeoLit 12

Great sound is mobile - with this wireless and portable music system for your digital devices.

BeoLab Transmitter 1

BeoLab Transmitter 1

Enrich your TV or music system to the new wireless concept called Immaculate Wireless Sound.



The digital alarm clock in the shape of a flute is a real eye-catcher on the bedside table.

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