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BeoLab 3 (white)

BeoLab 3

Looks can be deceiving - especially if you see the BeoLab 3 at the first time. Although it is a small, compact active speaker, he will surprise you with its power, precision and depth.



Playmaker is the ultimate fusion of digital music and Bang & Olufsen Sound. Optimized for Airplay and DLNA you can stream from nearly any mobile device.

BeoLab 4 (white)

BeoLab 4

The pyramid-shaped active speakers BeoLab4 impresses with its unusual look and excellent sound quality. The rugged textile coverings are available in 3 colors and can be replaced easily if needed. Wherever you use it - the elegant BeoLab 4 makes a good figure.

BeoLab 19 (topaz grey)

BeoLab 19

With the exceptionally precise bass reproduction of BeoLab 19 you enhance the cinematic experience and depth to a very special atmosphere.

Earphones A8 (black)

Earphones A8

These in-ear headphones were designed aware that they perfectly adapt the contours and curves of the human ear. Made from anodized aluminum and hard rubber, these headphones offer superior acoustics and ergonomics.

instead 160,00
only 125,00

BeoPlay A9 all colors

Textile Covering for BeoPlay A9

With these colored textile covers you will give your BeoPlay A9 a persoal touch. Simply wind and see how the look in the room changes.