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BeoPlay H5

BeoPlay H5

Beoplay H5 are wireless earphones, designed for music lovers who live to move. The earphones look great (whether you’re out running or on the train), they’re ultra portable and they can adapt sound output to match your current activity.

instead 249,00
only 199,00

BeoLab 5 white

BeoLab 5 - Cool Modern Special Edition

BeoLab 5 Cool Modern Special Edition with brass colored acoustic lens ist available in black or in the new color "parisian night".

BeoVision 11 on Motorised Floor Stand

BeoVision 11 incl. BeoRemote One

This offer is about Event and shoroom devices. The devices are in perfect condition, without usage traces and only a few hours of operation.

instead 5.495,00
only 4.670,75

BeoVision 14

BeoVision 14

With the BeoVision 14, we are witnessing the rebirth of an icon - with the new Android TV platform and the UHD / 4K LCD technology for TVs.

BeoLab 18 (oak)

BeoLab 18 - Cool Modern Special Edition

BeoLab 18 Cool Modern Special Edition: Brass-colored housing, lamella front made of smoked oak. For the installation you can choose from black floor stands or black  wall bracket.

BeoSound 1-2

BeoSound 1-2

BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2: Wireless speaker systems for the mobile lifestyle of today. With their impressive -almost magical - 360-degree sound and their elegant design profile, they allow the music to be flexibly integrated into the diverse lifestyles and home styles of today.