Bang & Olufsen

like no one else.

Let us kidnap you and experience the world of Bang & Olufsen. Discover the unique combination of sophisticated design, the highest quality standards and an incomparable, surprising ease of use.

TV- Systems

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour from 7.199,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Harmony from 17.449,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse from 10.999,00 €

Audio Systems

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Emerge from 599,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Level from 1.399,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Balance from 2.499,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Edge from 3.250,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1 from 1.699,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2 from 2.799,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Stage from 1.799,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay A9 from 3.099,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape from 1.600,00 €
B&O BeoSound A1 2. Generation from 299,00 €
B&O BeoSound Explore from 199,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay M3 from 500,00 €
B&O PLay BeoLit 20 from 549,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay M5 from 600,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Core from 899,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay Portal from 499,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay HX from 499,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay H95 from 899,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay H4 (2nd. Gen.) from 292,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay E8 Sport from 299,00 €


Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Receiver 1 from 200,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Transmitter 1 from 400,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Core from 899,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote One from 300,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote Halo from 750,00 €
  • The Farm in Dänemark

    We introduce: Bang & Olufsen

    Bang & Olufsen is the product of more than 90 years of rebels and engineers, designers and artists, schemers and lovers, academics and thinkers. B&O is this motley crew of dreamers they call designers.

    The Customers of Bang & Olufsen choose their products because they want more. From life. And of the things in their lives. They want objects of striking beauty. They are looking for superior technology and for finest engineering. On the end their searches there are objects that illuminate every corner of a room, glow from the white walls of the office or almost slide up magically from the dashboard of the car.

    Bang & Olufsen wants to give their customers something extraordinary, which fascinates with outstanding quality and elegant design. To achieve this, they examine every inch of an AV technology - each edge, sealing and rivet is taken strictly under the microscope and analyzed how each single element is perceived. At Bang & Olufsen the job isn't done until a song takes you to dream. When your home cinema is dimmed, a smile plays your lips. When the sounds inspire your imagination and the beauty of the products makes your heart beat faster.

    Bang & Olufsen researches in constant pursuit of perfection the limits of the experience world of sound and image. The products are created not only to let you be touched by songs, dialogues, episodes and movies, but truly let you be taken. This is Bang & Olufsen.

  • Bei Bang & Olufsen ist die präzise und originalgetreue Wiedergabe von Bild und Klang höchstes Ziel

    Rooms become to worlds of experience.

    The ultimate goal at Bang & Olufsen is the precise and original reproduction of picture and sound. They want to create images that occupy the entire room and give you the feeling that you could sink into it. So authentic, that the worlds of experience of composers, writers, musicians, producers and directors merge with your life. Their intentions, thoughts and skills have an unfiltered effect on your feelings.

    But also worlds of experience are changing. Today, they are increasingly integrated, mobile and networked. With only one gesture, all possible tasks can be carried out at different locations. Online. Wireless. Directly. With just a few clicks and key contacts. Bang & Olufsen has also developed new possibilities in this area:

    Digital music players what can store music from various sources and transmit it to any location. Remote controls, what change the lighting and temperature as easily as music tracks. Intelligent speaker docks, whose sound unfolds precisely there, where you are.

    Bang & Olufsen wants to create exceptional and unique moods and experiences for their customers. In their homes. In their cars. And in their luxurious hotel rooms. B&O is also expanding these rooms by completely new dimensions. To transform living rooms into new worlds has never been so easy.

  • Bang & Olufsen = Technologie, Design und vorallem Handwerkskunst

    Metal, cables and screws become objects.

    Quality is the glue that holds design and technology together. Without craftsmanship the work of designers, engineers, acousticians and developers would not be worth anything. And the works of internationally celebrated artists and producers would never influence into your home.

    Therefore, all product components, housings, circuits and chassis by Bang & Olufsen are manufactured to the highest quality standards - even the polished aluminum tip of BeoLab 8002, the acoustic lenses and the carefully crafted frames of the TV sets. All created in one of the most advanced facilities for high-quality materials in Europe.

    Design and technology can transform habitats into experience worlds. But it is the craftsmanship that gives the products their exceptional durability. This level is achieved not only by delimitation and competition, but by the richness of ideas and skills, which go far beyond the ordinary.

  • Jedes Bang & Olufsen Produkt ist ein Kunstwerk für sich

    Brainstorms become masterpieces.

    What we see and hear changes the mood in a room. Design changes the room itself. Each Bang & Olufsen product is a work of art in itself. However, not because it is supposed to be it, but as a consequence of its function. Speakers with powerful amplifiers don't need to be large. Refined bass openings and custom-made speaker units allows, that TV sets are slim enough to hang on a wall - and still produce a sound that you can even feel.

    Bang & Olufsen has not committed to a solid design philosophy. Why should you limit your inspiration? Instead, they observe how people perceive objects, events, and situations. Classics like the BeoLab 8002 and the BeoSound 9000, the BeoVision 4 or the extraordinary BeoLab 11 have their origin in all-day things: Church organs, a tulip field - simply everything.

    Perhaps that's why they act so authentic to us. Despite its unique classic design, it can fit into any room without compromising existing objects. Rather, they complement these in a harmonious manner. Bang & Olufsen products never superimpose the basic mood you have set for a room. They simply contribute to enhance those emotions.

  • das perfekte Fernseherlebnis

    Living rooms become dog race tracks, seas and glamorous boulevards.

    Bang & Olufsen philosophy is simple: They transform habitats into elaborate film sets and film locations, rooms in concert halls and faraway planets. Thus you as a spectator, can feel the passion of the actors up close. Images, that occupy the entire room. Scenes, that will fully take you. Desires and longings of the actors, you can feel as completely real. As if you were really there. You are!

    The constant pursuit of perfection closes thereby not only tones and sounds, but your entire viewing experience. The TV systems by Bang & Olufsen are able to fit in almost any room harmoniously. But, and this is the most important thing, they also adapt to you. In product development, it is even not only a question of extending the technical possibilities to the limit. Though, B&O does it of course. But above all, it is about creating a harmonious unity of image, sound, room and you, the user. An example: The contrast filter panel made of tinted, tempered glass offers numerous visible improvements. By automatically decreasing the black or dark color values, deeper, richer screen colors are created that contribute to improved image depth. Those who like to be fully captivated by a program or film will appreciate this feature very much. And to the anti-reflective coating on the contrast filter screen probably not need to say all too much. After all, you do not want to see any unwanted reflections, but a first-class television picture.

  • das perfekte Fernseherlebnis

    The Automatic Picture Control ensures a continuous adjustment of image brightness, colors and contrast. Thus, for example, the image is adapted as if by magic, when the room is suddenly flooded by sunlight. The director of the film you are watching would certainly be thrilled. With Bang & Olufsen TVs, you can experience images and emotions exactly as they had imagined during the shooting.

    Thanks to the Bang & Olufsen vision engineers for most of that. The environment and light conditions of a conventional living room are simulated in their test room, the media room specially designed for this purpose. However, Bang & Olufsen TVs are not only tested by technicians and engineers under all conditions, but also by "normal" people. Because the goal is the perfect TV experience.

    At Bang & Olufsen they are convinced that a TV picture is only really good when you have forgotten that it is one.