BeoLab Receiver 1

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BeoLab Receiver 1
BeoLab Receiver 1

BeoLab Receiver 1

Integrate wired Bang & Olufsen speakers seamlessly into your Immaculate Wireless sound setup.

From now on you have the opportunity to integrate any Bang & Olufsen speaker seamlessly into your Immaculate Wireless Sound Setup. Simply connect the BeoLab 1 receiver with a wired Bang & Olufsen speaker of your choice and enjoy first-class sound. Of course wireless. Create your own personal home theater experience or an unparalleled soundscape. This gives you the unique opportunity to use different speakers to suit your personal taste. Combine, for example, the stunning new wireless speaker BeoLab 18 with a pair of BeoLab 3 loudspeakers or complete the sound experience with deep bass of the BeoLab 19 subwoofer. The decision is entirely yours

*There is one BeoLab Receiver 1 per speaker required. You will also need a BeoLab Transmitter 1 or a certified WISA TV or music system.

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perfect sound without cable clutter

An open standard

With Immaculate wireless sound you can experience perfect sound without unwanted cable clutter. The concept is based on the groundbreaking WiSA technology that has been specifically designed with the aim of seamless compatibility. So you can connect your existing Bang & Olufsen speakers with all other WiSA compliant TVs or AV receivers or music systems available on the market.

immaculate wireless sound

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Enjoy wireless music pleasure in your home.

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