BeoSound Core is the powerful connection hub that transforms your Beolab speakers into a future-proof wireless speaker system. Enjoy wireless sound - through all your Bang & Olufsen speakers. The Beolab Transmitter 1 allows you to. Seamlessly integrate any classic Bang & Olufsen active speaker into your Immaculate Wireless Sound system using BeoLab Receiver 1. Beoremote One is the convenient remote control for your entire Bang & Olufsen setup, and with BeoRemote Halo remote, you can access your music at home without using your mobile device.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Receiver 1 from 200,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Transmitter 1 from 400,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Core from 899,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote One from 300,00 €
Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote Halo from 750,00 €

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