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  • BeoSound 1

    BeoSound 1

    BeoSound 1 is a portable lightweight wireless speaker with a battery-driven option crafted for mobility. It has a small groove under the top to ensure a better grip when it’s lifted up and moved around.

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BeoSound 1 with integrated battery

Easy to place anywhere.

BeoSound 1 is an uncomplicated and compact, wireless speaker system that is battery powered and can be placed anywhere. It is designed for a relaxed listening experience. Thanks to a small notch at the top of the system it can easily carried to the desired location. The integrated Li-Ion battery promises a playback time of up to 16 hours at a moderate volume level.

BeoSound 1 - part of the Harmonies Collection by Bng & Olufsen

Harmonies Collection

BeoSound 1 is part of the Harmonies collection by Bang & Olufsen. The design of the collection is inspired by a lush Infantry Green color, which is found in different materials. The green shade has a natural look that gives the products a golden brown glow and a pleasant warmth. The aluminum surfaces in Infantry Green have a color spectrum that ranges from a dark golden brown to a seductive green depending on how the light comes in.

BeoSound 1 with integrated streaming functions

Streaming- functions.

BeoSound 1 is based on the new audio engine platform, which enables streaming from mobile devices using the latest technologies such as AirPlay, Google Cast, DLNA and Bluetooth. BeoSound 1 also provide integrated access to TuneIn Internet radio stations as well as Spotify and Deezer music services to allow streaming of music without using a smartphone or tablet.

The speaker of course belong to the extended circle of the BeoLink Multiroom family. It can be used as a single product or merge into a multiroom configuration. Simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and play music.

BeoSound 1 is easy to use.

Easy, intuitive operation.

The operation of the loudspeaker is very simple. It is controlled with a touch, a twist or wipe on the surface or wirelessly with the smartphone or tablet via Google Cast.

To conjure the desired music into the home is underlined by a further magical finesse. Proximity sensors allow you to control the basic functions intuitively. When a person approaches the speaker system, the user interface is automatically turned on and the system is ready to accept commands. The upper part of the speaker can be turned like a wheel to control the volume, and wiping over or tapping the surface causes further commands to be executed.

BeoSound 1 can be placed flexibly.

360 degrees of advanced acoustics.

Bang & Olufsen uses their high-quality audio technologies for the wireless speaker system. These include the Acoustic Lens Technology, which is used in the successful classics BeoLab 5 and BeoLab 18. The acoustic driver is placed in the top of the speakers, playing into a reflector that creates a spherical and powerful 360-degree sound experience.

BeoSound 1 - part of the Cool Modern Collection

Cool Modern Collection

Beautiful things happen when Nordic minimalism meets the vibrant, carefree culture of southern European living. BeoSound 1 is part of the Cool Modern Collection and brings a warm brass tone to the world of Bang & Olufsen.

Discover Cool Modern Collection


  • BeoSound 1 by Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1


    • Lithium-Ion battery with a maximum play time of 16 hours at moerate volume level
    • 360-degree sound distribution
    • BeoLink Multiroom
    • Proximity sensor
    • Play time: up to 16 hours at moderate volume level
    • Streaming formats: Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, Audio-Streaming via Bluetooth, DLNA – DMR, Spotify Connect, QPlay 2.0 (China specific)
    • Music services: Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn Internet radio, QQ Music (China specific)

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Dimensions: 32,7 cm x 16,2 cm (B x H)
    • Weight: 3,5 kg


    • 1 x Ethernet 10/100 MBit/s
    • Wi-Fi/WLAN 802.11 b/g/n (2,4 GHz & 5 GHz)
    • Bluetooth 4.1


    • cabinet principle: closed Box
    • effektive freuency range: 35–24.300 Hz
    • Power Amplifiers: 1 x 20 Watt, Class D, for woofer / 1 x 40 Watt, Calss D, for Full-Range
    • speaker drivers: 1 x 4-inch-woofer / 1 x 1½-inch-Full-Range


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BeoSound 1 Piano Black

Pure Sound. Pure Black.

Experience the profoundness of rich, authentic sound and the powerful force of pure black. Introducing our portable wireless speaker in a timeless special edition, BeoSound 1 Piano Black. Designed for full flexibility, seamless streaming and beautifully balanced 360-degree sound – all crafted to pure perfection.

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