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    BeoVision Contour

    Timeless design and award-winning sound.

    At first sight, the timeless design declares iconic refinement. And from the moment you turn it on, the award wining sound confirms that this is indeed a Bang & Olufsen television experience.

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BeoVision Contour black anthracite.

Timeless design.

Its design is subtle yet refined. And once you turn it on, it captivates your attention. The 3 channel and Dolby Atmos speaker technology from Beosound Stage, paired with the absolute black and realistic colours of the latest generation, 48” OLED screen from LG, will mesmerise you until it’s time to turn it off again.

The name “Contour” refers to the magnificent aluminium frame which outlines the OLED picture and powerful sound section creating a unique design identity of the Beovision Contour. The characteristic aluminium floor stand and frame outline a unique, minimalistic design identity. It is stripped of everything non essential, focusing on helping you see and hear the intended television experience.

Beovision Contour brings the essentials it entertains you when and where it suits you. Its uncompromised minimalism framed in a timeless designed aluminium frame. This is what a true Beovision brings you; all details are thought through and everything is styled to complement your home whilst leaving a lasting mark. This is devised by the ability to select the aluminium crafted frame and stand program in three colour options, including matching fabric or wood veneer finishes of the speaker front cover. The rear part has been optimised to offer an uncluttered uniform 360 design. All cables are routed out through at the center rear, regardless of which of stand option is used, which ensures a perfectly organised cable management. A functional and flexible stand and bracket program that is designed as an integral part, which results in a coherent and complete TV solution regardless of which placement option is selected. Together this makes Beovision Contour stand out in the TV marked, which is dominated by black screens with little identity.

BeoVision Contour gold tone.

Style of Choice.

The characteristic aluminium frame is available in a wide selection of colours , and those are matched with exclusive fabric or wooden speaker fronts. And the choices continue with three placement options; a floor stand, a tabletop stand, and a wall bracket.

The frame is developed in conjunction with Bang & Olufsens own Aluminium Factory in Denmark. The shape is designed to appear rounded and gentle overall but exact and precise where it counts. This is done by extruding the profiles in a beautiful profile that is then machined to the finest of tolerances and joined perfectly in the corners. The surface has gone through thorough refinement to create the modern two layered expression. Firstly, it is silver polished to the highest standards. Then it is etched ever so slightly to add a satin look layer of anodization to the surface. This creat es a new fresh expression, that is both refined and delicate at the same time. The floor stand and the table stand are crafted in the same colour options as the Beovision emphasising unity.


BeoVisoon Contour auf Bodenstandfuß

Floor Stand

Ultra-light yet sturdy, the vertical tube and meticulously manufactured aluminium ring are available in the matching colours silver, black anthracite and gold tone and allow the screen to be turned 180 on either side, ensuring the best fit to your room.

BeoVisoon Contour auf Tischstandfuß

Table Stand

Made from a solid, rectangular aluminium billet, this table stand is ideally placed on tables, counters and cabinets. Crafted in a variety of colours (silber, black anthracite and gold tone), for a unified effect.

BeoVisoon Contour an Wandhalterung

Wall Bracket

A well-engineered wall bracket allows Beovision Contour to be moved out from the wall and angled up to 40 degrees to enhance viewing and listening experiences. The wall bracket is available in black color.

Frame Color

BeoVision Contour Rahmen silber

Frame Silver

BeoVision Contour Rahmen black anthracite

Frame Black Anthracite

BeoVision Contour Rahmen gold

Frame Gold Tone

Front Cover

BeoVision Contour Frontabdeckung Grey Melange / Rahmen black Anthracite

Grey Mélange fabric / aluminum line in Black Anthracite

BeoVision Contour Frontabdeckung Grey Melange / Rahmen Silber

Grey Mélange fabric / aluminum line in Silver

BeoVision Contour Frontabdeckung light oak / Rahmen silber

Light Oak wood / aluminum line in Silver

BeoVision Contour Frontabdeckung light oak / Rahmen gold tone

Light Oak wood / aluminum line in Gold Tone

BeoVision Contour Frontabdeckung smoked oak / Rahmen black anthracite

Smoked Oak wood / aluminum line in Black Anthracite

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