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BeoLink Multiroom

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Multi-room functionality for audio products.

BeoLink Multiroom combines your Bang & Olufsen products in a wireless system. Listen to different music in different rooms or listen to a song in the whole house. You can start the music and stream through the various speakers through your home by simply using your Bang & Olufsen products with one touch. Or control all functions via the BeoMusic- App.

BeoLink Multiroom - Zuschalten durch Berührung

Link up with a touch

A single touch is enough to distribute the sound into other rooms. Just go to a product in your home and touch it to bring it to life. If music is already running in your system, the second product automatically links on and plays the same music.

If different music tracks are played (for example, when two products are playing different music in the kitchen and in the dining room), the product in question must be touched only once again to switch between the current music plays or start a new music experience.


BeoLink Multiroom
- Basics -


Complete control using the BeoMusic-App.

Use your smartphone or tablet to fully control your system.

The BeoMusic app allows you to start the music on any of the top current audio products from Bang & Olufsen. And the desired music source can also be selected very easily. In addition, the App gives you an overview of all products that are available in your multi-room configuration. It also shows you which music titles are currently being played. With a simple operating command, you can extend the music experience to other rooms.

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