BeoLab 19

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Beolab 19 - Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass reproduction.

BeoLab 19

With the exceptionally precise bass reproduction of BeoLab 19 you enhance the cinematic experience and depth to a very special atmosphere.

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BeoLab 19 gives the soundscape special depth and emotionality

Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass reproduction.

The all-digital, active speaker Beolab 19 – the first subwoofer in the world to utilize the new WiSA standard for high-end wireless – aligns tight bass performance, place-anywhere flexibility and geometric grace. There’s never been a better reason to add cultivated bass to your soundscape – without adding wires and boxy shapes to the landscape of your décor. Every detail in BeoLab 19 is focused on giving depth and soul to the soundscape – both in stereo and surround sound.

Whether you’re a film fan, a Wagner aficionado or into heavy metal, richly cultivated bass adds a visceral dimension that you sense with more than your ear

  • BeoLab 19 - Attention to detail

Striking design.

The dodecahedral design is like nothing you’ve ever seen on a subwoofer or perhaps anywhere else. So even though its wireless technology lets you place it anywhere in the room, you’re probably going to want to keep it visible. At Bang & Olufsen, design is more than the way a product looks. It is about the way it feels, how it works and how it makes the consumer feel. The BeoLab 19 screams power and performance, which is what this subwoofer is all about.

BeoLab 19 - timeless design.

Attention to detail.

And then there’s that new word: dodecahedron, derived from the Greek for “twelve” and “faces”. Designer Jakob Wagner chose this timeless form for both its sculptural identity and its structural integrity. This singular shape comprises twelve regular pentagons, three of which meet at every vertex to provide exceptional rigidity. The anodized aluminum rings around the drivers create a stylish contrast to the dodecahedron’s matte black, white or grey. Each hole in the anodized aluminum ring is carefully drilled, one by one. A continuation of years of experience making speaker grills for BMW, Audi, AMG and Aston Martin.

  • BeoLab 19 - Ingenious technology..

    Ingenious technology.

    It’s not just the distinctive design that gives BeoLab 19 impact. Every technical detail is driven by a dedication to capturing the feelings in even the lowest frequencies. The all-digital BeoLab 19 packs an impressive list of components and features into an innovatively compact cabinet. Two custom-made 8” drivers, each paired with its own dedicated 160-watt class D amplifier, are placed back to back in separate enclosures to minimize interaction. Using what Bang & Olufsen calls the Acoustic Balance Principle, the drivers operate in-phase to coordinate equal-but-opposite forces and eliminate unwanted vibrations. What’s in it for you? Clean sound and even more flexible placement options, since the powerful sub can rock the room without rocking the shelf or even the piece of furniture you chose to place it on.

  • BeoLab 19 - Optimal sound experience.

    Optimal sound experience.

    Placement possibilities are further increased with a room position switch that optimizes the subwoofer’s response for locations in a corner, against a wall or in the open. Even though the human ear does not detect the direction of the lowest audible frequencies, this feature is a welcome addition because a room’s reflective properties clearly do impact the overall sound image.

    Thermal protection and Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL) are also on the spec sheet, so you can turn up the volume without worrying about overheating or ungainly spikes. A phase switch and a low-pass filter switch add further controls for perfect bass management and integration with the rest of your speakers.

  • kabellose Freiheit dank Immaculate Wireless sound

    Wireless freedom.

    Immaculate Wireless sound.

    BeoLab 19 features Immaculate Wireless Sound: a new fascinating concept of Bang & Olufsen, which combines design, technology and unparalleled sound quality and raises wireless speaker technology to an entirely new level.

    You only need one (power) cable. BeoLab 19 automatically connects to any WiSA-compliant TV or A/V receiver. That these speakers underlying groundbreaking WiSA-technology, uses the little-used 5 GHz frequency range of the U-NII spectrum, which ensures a consistently reliable and stable wireless transmission at the highest level.

    immaculate wireless sound

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