Bang & Olufsen + play = B&O Play.

BeoPlay products are made for design conscious people with an active lifestyle. The portfolio consists of audio systems and independent, portable products, which all are intuitive to use and easy to integrate into everyday life - at home and on the go.

B&O PLAY Audiosysteme und Lautsprecher

Audio systems / speakers

B&O PLAY Kopfhörer und Headsets

Headphones / Headsets

Audio systems / speakers

BeoPlay music systems and speakers have the Bang & Olufsen signature sound technology, which is designed to reproduce music as the artist has intended it - honest, clean and with passion. All products are made of high quality materials and offer a range of color and placement options to suit your style and interior.

B&O PLay BeoPlay m3 from 299,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay P2 from 171,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay P6 from 390,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay M5 from 450,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay m3 from 369,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay P2 from 244,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay A9 from 2.437,00 €
B&O BeoSound A1 2. Generation from 244,00 €

Headphones / Headsets

BeoPlay - headphones are designed to sound the way the artist has planned it - authentic and powerful without peaks or overstated elements - sound you want to listen to for hours. The design profile is minimalist and elegant to complement or enhance your style.

B&O PLay BeoPlay E4 from 244,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay E6 from 195,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay E8 3.0 from 350,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay E8 Sport from 340,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay H4 (2nd. Gen.) from 292,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay H3 from 149,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay H8i from 390,00 €
B&O PLay BeoPlay H95 from 800,00 €
B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

We introduce: BeoPlay

Bang & Olufsen, the global provider of luxury, integrated audio-video solutions and services, launched the new brand, BeoPlay on der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2012. With BeoPlay, the Danish company responds to the needs of today's mobile society with a product line of stand-alone products. The first member was the audio system BeoLit 12, which was presented at the time.

With the new brand BeoPlay, Bang & Olufsen offers stand-alone products that are simple and intuitive to use and can be integrated immediately. With the new, cheaper product line, the company is responding to the needs and desires of the mobile society and offers the characteristic of Bang & Olufsen quality values such as excellent sound and picture quality, distinctive design and high quality materials.

In conversations with musicians and sound engineers about the future of listening to music, they emphasized that music is heard in more and more places - but the actual listening experience often remains on the track. With BeoPlay, Bang & Olufsen meets both requirements absolutely. The results are products that enable modern people to enjoy digital music comfortably and in first-class quality. Products from Bang & Olufsen thereby speak their own design language.