Beoplay A6

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Beoplay A6 - einfache Bedienung, flexibles Design

BeoPlay A6

A convivial, fetching and almost inviting speaker with a spacious sound.

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Flexible design and easy operation.

A6 features an intuitive touch interface, flexible design and placement options, easy connectivity with mobile devices and integrated access to music streaming services.

BeoPlay A6 is designed to fit into your ever-changing daily live where everything and everyone is in motion. You can place it anywhere – and it fits in with ease because of its unique form factor.

BeoPlay A6 is compatible to AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth!

Signature Sound.

BeoPlay A6 is an intelligent, premium one-point music system with a well-balanced sound profile designed to fill the entire room with a wide staged sound. The characteristic Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound never sounded more spectacular. The unique, triangular shape of BeoPlay A6 spreads the sound to the entire room, maintains the stereo experience no matter where you are placed, while the backwards- facing effect driver adds an unprecedented staging element.

Playing your music on BeoPlay A6 is both easy and convenient, just stream directly through AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth!

replaceable covers in various colors

Adapts your style.

BeoPlay A6 is a speaker that blends into any interior and home with ease and grace. Place it freely, in a corner, on the wall bracket or casually tilted on the floor stand – wherever you choose, it will function perfectly as a piece of furniture.

The exchangeable front cover is made out of a premium wool-blend furniture fabric from Kvadrat, and you can change it in a snap to customize the appearance of BeoPlay A6 – and make it fit your style and interior.

Intuitive operation.

Everything can be controlled directly on BeoPlay A6. Just tap or swipe your hand across the touch interface placed along the top of the sound system to start your music source – and you will have intuitive and easy control of volume and track selection. Or simply use your tablet or smartphone to get the music going. The functionality is exactly the same as the BeoPlay A9.

BeoPlay A6 - Operation
B&O PLAY A6 - 5 x 125 Watts peak power
B&O PLAY A6 - 5 x 125 Watts peak power

BeoPlay A6 is much more than just a regular two-channel stereo speaker, rather a beast of a five-channel speaker that brings you an ambient stereo-like experience no matter where you are placed. Each speaker has its own dedicated amplifier. In terms of peak power BeoPlay A6 has approximately 5x 125 Watts for a total of 625 Watts – the RMS effect is 240 Watts.

Inside the speaker you’ll find two ¾ inch tweeters, two 5 ½ inch woofers and one 1 ½ inch full-tone driver. The unique, triangular shape of the product spreads the sound to the entire room, maintains the stereo experience no matter where placed. The full-tone backwards-facing driver adds an unprecedented staging element, maximizing the spaciousness of the sound you experience. To further optimize the sound performance, the user can adjust the sound profile of the speakers to the placement of the A6 in the room. You can choose from 3 different speaker positions: free, wall or corner.

So, when you are standing on the side of the speaker, your experience will be similar to what you experience right in front of the A6. It is a speaker without a typical stereo “sweet spot”.

  • Control everything from the BeoMusic App.


    The BeoMusic App aggregates music from your mobile device, your home content, selected music services and Internet radio in a common interface. The BeoMusic App will provide you with a quick overview and swift control of what is currently playing, regardless of source. With BeoLink Multiroom you can connect multiple products (e.g. two BeoPlay A6s or a BeoPlay A6 and a BeoPlay A9) into one seamless music system. Play different songs in different rooms or let the same music flow throughout your home. Control everything from the BeoMusic App.

    BeoLink MultiRoom
  • BeoPLay A6 - ready for BeoLink Multiroom.

    Beolink Multiroom.

    With integrated BeoLink Multiroom functionality, the BeoPlay A6 can seamlessly integrate with other compatible products in your home. You can play different music in different rooms or let the same music flow throughout your home. You can start and join the music stream simply by touching your Bang & Olufsen products. Or you can control the flow from the BeoMusic App.

    BeoMusic App Discover BeoLink Multiroom
Operation BeoPlay A6
BeoPLay A6 front
BeoPlay A6 backside
BeoPLay A6 side
Covers from Kvadrat
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