Beoplay A9 MKIV

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Beoplay A9 - erfüllt geräumigste Lofts mit atemberaubend schönen Klang

BeoPlay A9 MKIV

We are now presenting a third generation of the A9 with even better sound and an improved technical platform.

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BeoLab Transmitter 1
BeoLab Transmitter 1

What's new at the A9 of the 4th Generation?

The Beoplay A9 has become an icon of modern design and is a strong product statement for Bang & Olufsen - it continues to impress. With its eye-catching, elegantly rounded shape and the high-quality materials used, the Beoplay A9 is able to simultaneously stand out and fit in as an element of interior design. At a first glance the A9 of the 4th generation may look like the A9 of the 2nd generation. In order to meet the technological requirements in the future, the technical platform and the hardware in the A9 were brought up to date:

  • As a major enhancement, two full-range driver units have been added to the back of the A9, providing a more complete and touching soundscape based on the principle of room acoustics. The two new driver units increase the total number of installed driver units in the A9 4th Gen. to seven.
  • A new and powerful streaming engine for faster transmission (e.g., Chromecast connectivity).
  • Improved WiFi connectivity
  • Apple AirPlay 2 now also allows Apple users to use this new multiroom platform.
  • To unify the portfolio of flexible speakers, the USB port and the Spotify Connect feature have been removed (which is being replaced by AirPlay 2 and Chromecast).
Easy configuration with WAC

Easy configuration.

Like the BeoPlay A9 MKII, the 4th generation is also equipped with Wireless Access Connection (WAC). It is a feature that allows iOS users to share network settings from their iOS (from 7.0) device with BeoPlay A9 MKIV wirelessly. Press the WAC button and BeoPlay A9 MKIV will appear on your handheld device asking permission to connect. It is a very simple and quick way of sharing network settings, allowing you to setup your BeoPlay A9 MKIV with your home network to stream music via AirPlay from an iOS device (iPhone, iPod & iPad), iTunes on Mac/PC or via DLNA using the BeoMusic- App or via Bluetooth using any Bluetooth enabled device.

Spotify und Deezer are integrated services

Deezer is an integrated music service.

Deezer is an integrated music service that make your daily music experience with BeoPlay A9 MKIV even easier. You no longer stream music from your mobile device (e.g. iPhone) as music will play directly from the cloud. This means that you do not have to rely on unstable connections to stream your music from your device to BeoPlay A9 (4th Generation). The functionality of your mobile device has changed from being the music source to become a remote used to control the music playing from your music service on BeoPlay A9 MKIV. Finally, as your music service is now played directly from your BeoPlay A9 MKIV, you avoid disruptions in the connection if somebody calls you, or if you need to run other programs simultaneously while playing music from your Spotify account. Music services also give you unlimited freedom – If your device gets out of range from BeoPlay A9 MKIV, the music will keep playing – all because your device is now a remote rather than the streaming source.

BeoPlay A9 MKII - part of Bang & Olufsens Bronze Collection

Bronze Collection

BeoPlay A9 MKIV is part of Bang & Olufsens Bronze Collection.

In 2018, earthy shades and warm natural elements are trendy, as well as metals in various colors and designs. Some well-placed statement pieces in rich hues create a warm, inviting and homely feeling that noticeably enhances the atmosphere of a room. It's about finding objects that fit in and at the same time stand out to define a room.

Colored metals provide warmth in the color selection and make a statement, whether through small details or large splashes of color. With an appropriate facility, each room becomes inviting and impressive.

TuneIn is integrated

Internet radio portal TuneIn as radio source

TuneIn internet radio is integrated as a radio source in BeoPlay A9 MKIV. TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio stations from wherever you are. TuneIn gives you over 70,000 live radio stations and two million on-demand programs, like podcasts, concerts, and interviews.

On the top of the rear edge of the product you will find an integrated pattern in the plastic part that holds a capacitive touch sensor for volume control and mute.

As something new, a short tap on the top will activate the last played source, and if you have not played any source lately, BeoPlay A9 (4th. Gen.) will automatically activate TuneIn.

  • BeoPLay A9 MKII - a real eye catcher

    A real eye catcher.

  • Controlable with BeoMusic- App

    Bang & Olufsen App.

    The Bang & Olufsen App gives you access to music in a cool and uncomplicated way. It is designed to allow you to be ‘comfortably lost’ in your music collection. The B&O App is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The App can be downloaded for free, but in order to be ”activated” it has to be in the same network as a compatible Bang & Olufsen or B&O PLAY product.

    BeoLink MultiRoom
  • BeoPlay A9 MKII is ready for Multiroom.

    Ready for BeoLink Multiroom.

    BeoLink Multiroom combines all your Bang & Olufsen products into a wireless system - for more freedom in your home. Listen to different music in different rooms or let a track playing the entire house.

    Bang & Olufsen App Discover BeoLink Multiroom

BeoPlay A9 MKIV at a glance

Beoplay A9 MKIV can be placed on the floor or installed on the wall. Through three sound presets - for the placement options on the wall, in the corner or the middle of the room - the sound reproduction is matched to the placement. Here, the music enjoyment is always in the foreground, while the technology remains discreetly hidden. Depending on the choice of color BeoPlay A9 MKIV can keep discreetly in the background or proudly present as an eye-catching design object.

The BeoPlay A9 MKIV is available in a black version with black aluminum ring, black textile cover and wooden walnut legs, or as a variant with a white body, a natural aluminum ring, a white fabric covering and wood legs made of maple wood. The "Smoked Oak" special edition comes with an aluminum ring in brass color, a housing in black, a textile covering by Kvadrat in dark grey and wooden legs in smoked oak. The fabric front is also available in numerous colors and designs. Optional a wall bracket is available as an accessory, too.

BeoPlay A9 black with walnut legs
Volume control BeoPlay A9
BeoPLay A9 white with maple legs
Cover red for BeoPlay A9
cover from Kvadrat available
BeoPlay A9 with room adaption

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