Beoplay M5

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Beoplay M5 - wireless speaker with True360 omnidirectional sound

BeoPlay M5

BeoPlay M5 is a powerful, wireless speaker with True360 omnidirectional sound, crafted aluminium top and exchangeable wool blend fabric cover from Kvadrat that fits your interior decoration.

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design language with A6 und A9

Sound that matches your interior.

With its visually stunning appearance, the design of Beoplay M5 is inspired by the idea of using sound as part of your interior decoration. Beoplay M5 builds on the design language of Beoplay A6 and Beoplay A9, and drawing inspiration from this family Beoplay M5 is covered in a premium and acoustically transparent wool-blend fabric from Danish high-end manufacturer Kvadrat. The wool-cover can easily be replaced to fit your interior decorations, and using delicate multi-colored threads the fabric provides acoustic transparency while maintaining the aesthetics in nuances that complements the speaker.

  • BeoPlay M5 natural

    Fill your room with True360 degree Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.

    Underneath the aluminium disc is a body manufactured from rigid polymer to house a large acoustic chamber that delivers the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound optimized for the home.

    Beoplay M5 comes with True360 degree omnidirectional sound that lets you enjoy equally perfect sound no matter where you are placed. Three evenly distributed tweeters, a full range capable front facing midrange driver and a powerful 5” neodymium powered long stroke woofer that fires all its energy down towards a carefully designed dispenser, provide a uniform dispersion of well-balanced Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound all around.

  • BeoPlay M5 black

    Three pre-set sound modes optimise the acoustic performance of the player depending on its position in the room. People can choose free standing, corner or wall position in Beoplay App.

    To optimize Beoplay M5 as a standalone speaker, B&O PLAY uses a proprietary Ambient Technology solution to create a true stereo sound experience from one single speaker. B&O PLAY creates this stereo like sound by psycho-acoustic knowhow and DSP capability to boost signal queues minimized by the physical size of Beoplay M5.

    The unique acoustic setup in Beoplay M5 is capable of beam direction and beam width control – a simpler version of the technology that Bang & Olufsen use in the prestigious BeoLab 90 speaker and the Bang & Olufsen patented reflected audio technology.

BeoPlay M5 Detail Bedienung

Dedication to superior craftsmanship.

The speaker top is a disc made from crafted aluminum, which has been pearl blasted and anodized to create a matte and luxurious appearance. The disc provides a mesmerizing viscosity-based tactile functionality toned down to the essential, and with a 15 percent movement in each direction the disc will adjust the volume and calmly rotate itself to its neutral position - not too quickly and not too slowly as a testament to the beauty of functional design. Pressing the disc gently downwards will play or pause the speaker, and using the same gesture with an inactive Beoplay M5 will make it join other music experiences going on in your home.

“The design of Beoplay M5 is inspired by the way people use sound in their everyday lives – as a natural focal point for the family. The shape signals that sound is projected from all angles and visually, it can blend in or stand out in your home depending on personal preferences”, says the award-winning Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz.

BeoPlay M5 Chromecast built-in

Connecting rooms with Chromecast built-in.

Let music flow through every room by connecting more multiroom enabled speakers together and experience seamless sound. With Beoplay M5 you can easily connect to any Chromecast- enabled speaker to create a multi-room experience that lets music flow seamlessly through every room in your home. This includes the B&O PLAY speakers Beoplay A6 and Beoplay A9, which both come with Chromecast built-in and is a perfect solution for extending the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound and beautiful design throughout your home. Beoplay M5 also supports Beolink Multiroom, Spotify Connect and QPlay 2.0 and at the same time embraces Bluetooth and Apple Airplay.

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