Beoplay P2

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  • BeoPlay P2 - powerful sound.

    BeoPlay P2

    A Bluetooth- speaker with powerful sound.

    Beoplay P2 is designed so you can enhance and amplify your personal audio experience wherever you are – being truly personal and fully portable.

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Personal and smart.

Truly personal and fully portable, Beoplay P2 is designed so you can enhance and amplify your personal audio experience with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound wherever you are – it even slips easily into your bag or pocket. Customize your Beoplay P2 via Beoplay App with smart connect features activated with a tap or a shake.

  • Truly personal, fully portable – splash and dust resistant.
  • Shake or tap to access smart features, customize via Beoplay App.
  • Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with voice activation and speakerphone.
  • Premium, durable materials with anodized aluminium top.
  • Up to 10 hours of music on one charge.
  • BeoPlay P2 sand stone

    Truly personal, fully portable - splash and dust resistant.

    Wherever you go, Beoplay P2 is with you to enhance your audio experience with its rich sound. No more straining your ear at your smartphone’s speaker as Beoplay P2 is easy to take with you and comes with a splash and dust resistant design. You don’t even have to switch it off – it’s always on, always ready.

  • BeoPlay P2 - intelligent features

    Smart features.

    Shake Beoplay P2 and you activate the wake up alarm’s snooze function, tap it and you get full voice activation. Customize smart features via Beoplay App where you can also match sound profiles with whatever you’re doing.

  • BeoPlay P2 - shake function

    Voice activation & speakerphone.

    With Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, the crisp and clear audio experience of Beoplay P2 is outstanding for its size – and the music you hear will be true and exactly as the artist intended it. A built In microphone can be used for calls and voice activation.

  • BeoPlay P2 - royal blue

    Premium, durable materials.

    Only premium materials make up the casing of the Beoplay P2. Pearlblasted, anodized aluminum grill over the speaker, polymer underneath.

  • BeoPlay P2 - black

    Up to 10 hours of music on one charge.

    One charge of the battery and you can play Beoplay P2 for up to 10 hours. And it comes with included USB-C cable.


Smart features.

Beoplay P2 comes with customizable smart-features, which can be chosen and tweaked through via Beoplay App. To achieve the minimalistic design, we have removed most physical buttons and instead added tap-and shake interaction. Tapping the P2 works as Play/Pause while shaking it will skip tracks. To customize these features, go to the Beoplay App and select any of the following:

  • Voice activation and speakerphone with a simple tap on BeoplayP2 .
  • Wake-up alarm with snooze functionality when you shake BeoplayP2.
  • Tone-touch for matching sound profiles with whatever you’re doing.
BeoPlay P2 -  powerful Sound

Powerful sound.

A new mid-woofer driver has been designed to enable the reproduction. It’s ancestor is seen in A1, and we elaborate on it for the P2 –now 2”, using an anodized aluminum cone structure. The tweeter is the ¾” fabric soft dome also used in A1, assuring excellent detail and smooth reproduction of the highest frequencies.

The DSP is advanced, highly capable, and enables use of high slope filters and advanced character control to facilitate P2’s excellent personal sound amplification experience. Two 15W RMS Class D Amps are used, with a peak power of more than 2x50 Watts to drive it all – to assure you get the beautiful sound always associated with a B&O PLAY product.

BeoPlay P2 -  materials

Product materials.

As the main surface of the product, the top of Beoplay P2 is made from solid pearl- blasted aluminum. The use of this material enables the precise selection of hues, saturation and lightness. Aluminum is also one of the strong and ridged materials that provides protection for the drivers underneath.

The body of the speaker is made of a composite for a smooth fit into the pocket, in a matte elegant finish. The underneath is lined with matt rubber to make sure the speaker stands firmly on the table when the music starts to flow.

BeoPlay P2 - Design

Design profile.

Like a pebble you find on the beach, the appearance of Beoplay P2 is rounded, smooth and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. A geometrical and clear basic shape and a defined rim separate the anodized aluminum top from the soft polymer that make up the underside. The curvature of Beoplay P2 has undergone endless fine tuning giving it a highly tactile and refined appearance. And still it’s the perfect shape to slip easily into a pocket or a handbag.

Overall, Beoplay P2 is an object designed to be with you at all times so you can fully enjoy an outstanding personal sound experience.

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