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  • BeoLit 20 - compact portable bluetooth speaker with QI cahring feature

    BeoLit 20

    Superior performance, superior flexibility

    With an even more refined, modern version of the classic BeoLit silhouette, combined with a housing that amazes and delights with a wireless charging surface and a 30% increased battery life, BeoLit 20 is the most powerful version of a cult object.

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BeoLit 20 black anthracite
BeoLit 20 black anthracite

The Beolit 20 still captivates with its iconic Beolit silhouette, while a number of modern design elements have been added. The hole pattern has been upgraded to a sophisticated hatched design - repeating angular lines and spiral corners for a distinctive, dynamic new look. The hole pattern has also been adjusted for optimal sound performance, with 45% air permeability for a clear, refined sound. The top design has been updated to discreetly integrate wireless charging via QI. The height and curvature of the top has been revised to provide multiple placement options when charging devices.

Beolit 20 delivers an extremely powerful, rounded sound experience. The 5.5 inch long excursion broadband woofer in combination with 3 x 1.5-inch full-range and 2 x 4-inch passive bass radiators offer an impressive 77 dB in bass power and 93 dB loudness in the medium ranges. This performance, combined with omnidirectionalTrue360 sound, means that Beolit 20 is capable of to easily fill a 10-50 m² room with the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound. You can also easily pair two Beolit 20 or combine a Beolit 20 and a Beolit 17 in stereo in order to further enhance the experience.

The battery life of the Beolit 20 has also been improved considerably. A new battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh, improves the Battery life by over 30% compared to Beolit17 at normal volume. The Beolit20 now offers a playback time of 37 hours at low volume and over 8 hours at normal volume -perfect for great sounds at evening events.

Key Features

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The B&O sound experience

With bass power up to 77 dB and loudness up to 93 dB, together with Bang & Olufsen's famous fine tuning, the Beolit 20 offers one of the best sound experiences in its class, making larger gatherings especially special.

Improved battery performance

Beolit 20 offers a completely new user experience in terms of battery performance compared to Beolit 17, with a now over 30% longer playback time at normal volume.

Luxurious, long lasting materials

The design and choice of materials gives the Beolit a noble yet robust look and feel. The base evokes associations with strength and robustness, while the aluminum grille and soft, yielding top surface give the impression of luxury. The speaker features a strap made of even more durable vegetable tanned leather, which gives it a darker, more refined appearance and an exquisite feel.

Integrated wireless QI charging

With a Qi charging pad on the top, Beolit 20 is now able to charge Qi compatible devices, making the speaker also a portable power bank.

Modern design elements

With the Beolit 20, the cult Beolit silhouette has been further refined with a number of modern design elements. These include a sophisticated grid design with a completely new hole pattern and a new arrangement of the keys.

Lightweight and easy transportability

Beolit customers love the balance of powerful sound and good portability. Beolit 20 ensures that customers can continue to enjoy these features in the next generation of speakers.

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