Beoplay E6

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  • BeoPlay E6 - Update of the BeoPlay H5

    BeoPlay E6

    Designed for an active lifestyle.

    Beoplay E6 are lightweight, in-ear wireless earphones designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle. With a secure, ergonomic fit, E6 are fully customizable and come with a new snap-oncharging feature that enables charging while in use.

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BeoPlay E6 - black

Long-lasting performance.

Lightweight, in-ear, wireless earphones designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle. Fully customizable with a secure and ergonomic fit, E6 have been adapted for on-the-go, everyday use while still delivering on rich sound and smart, contemporary looks. A new snap-on charging feature enables charging while in use. Made of durable materials and with a splash and dust resistant design, E6 are designed for easy wear and quick use. With a magnet built into each earpiece, the earphones can be worn around the neck when not being used. Up to 5 hours of battery life ensures you never have to miss out on your music.

BeoPlay E6 - updates


Beoplay E6 builds on the success of Bang & Olufsen’s first wireless earphones Beoplay H5 and presents updates requested by the Bang & Olufsen community:

  • New snap on charger enables in-use charging.
  • New secure fit for active, everyday use.
  • New silicone ear fins in different sizes for full customization.
  • Even weight distribution on the cord for added comfort.
  • In-line remote with three aluminium buttons and microphone for easy tactile control.
Signature sound with BeoPlay E6

Rich, wireless Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

E6 are finely tuned by Bang & Olufsen sound engineers for a rich sound experience with a strong bass. You can also adjust the tuning and match the profile of your music to your activity via Beoplay App.

BeoPlay E6 at a glance

  • BeoPLay E6 sand
  • BeoPlay E6 black
  • BeoPlazy E6 sand / control unit
  • BeoPlay E6 black / ear fins

Click earpieces together and wear E6 around your neck

For easy wear and quick use, a magnet is built into each earpiece. So when you take them out of your ears you can wear them around your neck. Clicking the magnets together will automatically power down the earphones.

Comfortable and secure fit for use in an active everyday life

Because not all ears are the same, E6 come with a choice of ear fins for a more ergonomic, secure and customizable fit making them the perfect everyday companion while you’re on the go.

Durable materials with protection against dust and splash

Inspired by the materials used in the production of sneakers, the cord connecting the earphones is encased in braided textile –which is durable, easy to clean and looks good. The housing of the earphone is made of textured rubber and polymer, designed to resist sweat and moisture as well as wear and tear.

Up to 5 hours of battery life

With all the battery life you need and the ability to charge while in use ensures you never have to miss out on your music –wherever you go.

Beoplay E6 sand
Beoplay E6 black
Beoplay E6 black
Beoplay E6 sand

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