Beoplay E8 Sport

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  • BeoPlay E8 Sport - IP57 certified headphones for sports

    BeoPlay E8 Sport

    High-performance Bluetooth sports headphones.

    The Beoplay E8 Sport enables professional athletes, everyday heroes and sports enthusiasts of all levels to play with the power of of music to achieve their ambitious goals. Waterproof, secure in the ear and equipped with a long-life battery.

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BeoPlay E8 Sport - Oxygen

Music gets you there.

Music moves us - emotionally and physically. The more precise and powerful their sound, the better the body and mind work in sync - and the closer we get to our goals.

The Beoplay E8 Sport is a pair of 100% wireless in-ear headphones for an absolutely wireless music experience for use in sports. The Beoplay E8 Sport impresses with the latest technology and combines the real Bang & Olufsen signature sound with a performance that is worthy of the market leader - and that with a playback time of up to 30 hours.

The Beoplay E8 Sport is characterized by its remarkable workmanship. With the new splash protection class IP57, the Beoplay E8 Sport headphones keeps you on your toes without having to worry about extreme weather conditions, downpours or sweat. Each component has been carefully selected and designed with the aim of excellent performance - including the revised QI-certified wireless charging cradle made of high-quality materials and the newly designed headphones with silicone grooves for a better fit. Furthermore, the new design of the ear fins ensures an optimized fit.

BeoPlay E8 Sport - running in forest
BeoPlay E8 Sport - Black

Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

The E8 Sport makes no compromises when it comes to sound. The renowned Bang & Olufsen sound engineers have tuned the in-ear headphones for an authentic and powerful sound experience that drives you. Four integrated microphones ensure excellent call quality everywhere.

Performance in any weather

Even the most extreme weather conditions cannot harm the Beoplay E8 Sport. It is waterproof to IP57 and always offers the best performance regardless of the ambient conditions.

Fit for sports

The Beoplay E8 Sport is available with a variety of ear molds and ear fins that ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Thanks to its soft touch surface and the sophisticated design, it is easy to use and easy to clean.

BeoPlay E8 Sport - Oxygen

Impressive aesthetics

First-class performance and impressive aesthetics should go hand in hand. B&O is characterized by the fact that they design real sports products that are also visually convincing.

Equipped with the latest technology

With the latest technology and Bluetooth 5.1, the Beoplay E8 Sport is a high-performance in-ear headphone with convincing energy efficiency. Qualcomm aptX, Made for iPhone and Microsoft Swift Pair all contribute to an outstanding wireless experience. The touch surface on each headphone enables quick and consistent control and operation.

Long playback time

Market leading all day battery power. With a playback capacity of 7 hours in the headphones and three additional charges via the charging cradle, the Beoplay E8 Sport delivers a playback time of up to 3 hours at medium volume.

BeoPlay E8 Sport - while jogging
BeoPlay E8 Sport - Oxygen in the ear
BeoPlay E8 Sport - black in the ear
BeoPlay E8 Sport - IP57 certified
BeoPlay E8 Sport - watreproof
BeoPlay E8 Sport - 30 hours playback time

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