Beoplay H4 2nd. Generation

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  • BeoPlay H4 (2. Gen.) -  Bluetoth Over-Ear headphones

    BeoPlay H4 (2. Gen.)

    A beautiful blend of sound, design and craftmanship.

    Still expressive and contemporary yet upgraded to be even more refined and sturdy. Beoplay H4 come in an over ear wearing style combining Bang & Olufsen’s strong heritage of sound engineering, attention to craftmanship and design dating back to 1925 and now coming with the latest voice technology.

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BeoPlay H4 matte black
BeoPlay H4 matte black

The new features:

Voice Assistant: One of the new features of Beoplay H4 is the v oice assistant compatibility. This feature lets you manage your life on the go reach out for your favourite track, get the latest news or the local weather report, all with your voice.

A dedicated button for voice assistant controls: Beoplay H4 (2. Gen.) comes with a dedicated button for voice assistant controls simply press and hold the dedicated voice button and your assistant is ready for you.

Refined aluminium disc: A refined aluminium disc with edge chamfer beautifully highlights the premium material.

Improved design: Improved build and tighter housing for greater durability coming with a sturdy and less visible cable design and routing.

Updated UI interface: Updated UI interface now includes a dedicated button for voice assistant controls and a slider switch for On/ Off Pairing all to make it more convenient for the user.

Improved call quality: An additional microphone dedicated to improving voice quality is placed at an optimal distance and angle to improve the voice call quality.

BeoPlay H4 (2. Gen.) - improved features
BeoPlay H4 (2. Gen.) - improved features

Improved features and functions.

Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

Beoplay H4 (2. Gen.) deliver an authentic and a finely tuned acoustic performance based on our strong heritage of sound engineering dating back to 1925. No matter if you use Beoplay H4 (2. Gen.) wireless or corded, the music will immerse you – and let you stay in the moment.

Long lasting materials

Leather, aluminium, stainless steel and braided textile. The use of high quality and strong materials ensures lasting comfort and great durability when you’re on the move or over extended periods of time. And with leather that patinates naturally over time, Beoplay H4 (2. Gen.) is made to age with grace.

Maximum playback time

These premium headphones play tirelessly for hours on end. With a generous battery life of up to 19 hours, you can stay on the move and enjoy beautiful music for longer.

BeoPLay H4 (2. Gen.) long lasting materials
B&O PLAY H4 (2. Gen.) delivers Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound
BeoPlay H4 (2. Gen.) limestone
H4 (2. Gen.) with soft leather.
BeoPlay H4 (2. Gen.) mit Fokus auf das Wesentliche
BeoPLay H4 (2. Gen.) clear lines and minimalist expression.

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Experience BeoPlay H4 (2nd generation) as the perfect everyday companion.

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