Beoplay H8i

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  • BeoPlay H8i - Bluetoth On-Ear headphones with ANC

    BeoPlay H8i

    Redesign of BeoPlay H8 - the legendary on-ear headphones with ANC.

    The design of the wireless on-ear headphones with ANC has been modernized and optimized, its voice quality has been improved and new features have been added to let you enjoy the perfect sound experience on the go - a combination that is second to none on the market. Even the battery life has been considerably extended - Now with an impressive playback time of up to 30 hours.

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Let the right sound in.

Move freely with the luxurious wireless on-ear headphones. With the Active Noise Cancellation technology and the transparency mode you can fade in or hide ambient noise as you like.

  • Modern optimized design with on-ear comfort
  • Wireless Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with advanced Active Noise Cancellation and transparency mode
  • High quality materials such as genuine leather and anodised aluminum
  • Top playback time of up to 30 hours
  • Available in black or natural color
BeoPLay H8i and H8 in Comparison

Optimized, modern design.

The design elements have been kept to a minimum in order to create a light, no-frills look. Less hard edges, flowing material transitions and simplicity:


  • Simplified, minimalist mono arms
  • Simple aluminum disks and soft headband (no grooves)
  • Streamlined design with fewer edges, and an aluminum plate which is flush with the housing
  • Thanks to the recess the ANC microphone integrates seamlessly into the housing design

New, advanced features - for your perfect sound experience on the go.

  • BeoPlay H8i - black
  • BeoPlay H8i - natural ear cup
  • BeoPlay H8i - black detail auminum
  • BeoPlay H8i - natural

Transparency Mode

With just one quick gesture, you can turn off the music and the ANC at the same time listen to your surroundings.

Best Playback time on the market

Now with an impressive playback time of up to 30 hours. Thanks to several optimizations and a larger battery capacity, the playback time has been extended considerably.

Best call quality

For better voice quality, a dedicated microphone was installed at an optimal angle and distance.


At just 215g, the H8i is 30g lighter than its predecessor.

Proximity sensor

This smart feature automatically stops playback as you remove the headset and resumes playback when you replace the headset.

Dual device connectivity

Pair your headphones to two devices at the same time.

USB-C charging cable - 1,25m

Compatible with all BT speakers. Thanks to the longer charging cable you can now use the headphones during charging.

  • BeoPlay H8i on-ear headphones with ANC and Transparency mode.
BeoPlay H8i natural
BeoPlay H8i natural
BeoPlay H8i black
BeoPlay H8i black
BeoPlay H8i - Travel companion for everyday life
BeoPlay H8i comfortable

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