Beoplay H9i

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  • BeoPlay H9i - Bluetoth Over-Ear headphones with ANC

    BeoPlay H9i

    Optimizing of the wireless flagship headphone with ANC.

    The luxurious over-ear headphone features a new, elaborated design, enhanced its sound quality and added advanced features to let you enjoy the perfect sound experience on the go.

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New, advanced features - for your perfect sound experience on the go.

  • BeoPlay H9i - natural
  • BeoPlay H9i - black
  • BeoPlay H9i - natural detail battery
  • BeoPlay H9i - black

Optimized Sound

Introduction of a more balanced sound including a cleaner bass in the deep frequencies. Also, there is added an additional microphone dedicated to improving voice quality.

Increased playtime - up to 18 hours

Four hours extra playtime with bluetooth and ANC compared to Beoplay H9 .

Improved ANC

Improved ANC in order to perform better in the lower frequencies meaning that the cancellation of human voices will be more effective.

Transparency Mode

With just one quick gesture, you can turn off the music and the ANC at the same time listen to your surroundings.

Proximity sensor

A smart feature that automatically pauses your music or video streaming, when you remove the headphones. When you put the headphones back on, the music or video starts playing again.

Dual device connectivity

Pair your headphones to two devices at the same time.

USB-C charging cable - 1,25m

Compatible with all BT speakers. Thanks to the longer charging cable you can now use the headphones during charging.

BeoPLay H9i made of anodized aluminum and natural leather

Experience the sound. Enjoy the silence.

BeoPlay H9i combines ANC, wireless technology and an innovative aluminum touch control interface in an over-ear model with smart design and Bang & Olufsen signature sound. No noise, only pure music.


  • Premium and luxury headphones with over-ear comfort
  • Wireless Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with Advanced Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
  • Authentic, durable materials such as leather and anodized aluminum that have been carefully crafted with attention to detail.
  • Intuitive touch aluminum user interface to control music and calls
  • Up to 18 hours of playback. Upon request with extra battery for long trips.

A purer expression.

Exclusive, carefully selected materials such as high-quality leather guarantee maximum wearing comfort and a stylish look, while anodized aluminum ensures stability and lightness on moveable and structural parts.

The design was streamlined and the iconic elegance of the H6 was continued.

  • Simpler mono arms made of aluminum, thinner ear pads and larger aluminum discs
  • Thanks to the recess the ANC microphone integrates seamlessly into the housing design
  • Improved haptics through control buttons
  • Integrated and safer battery removal solution directly at the ear cup
  • BeoPlay H9i over-ear headphones with ANC and transparency mode.
BeoPlay H9i black
BeoPlay H9i natural
BeoPlay H9i natural
BeoPlay H9i operation at the ear cup
BeoPlay H9i - Travel companion for everyday life
BeoPlay H9i comfortable
BeoPLay H9i RIMOWA Special Edition

Limited RIMOWA Special Edition

RIMOWA is the world's leading provider of premium luggage. Since 1898, quality and innovation have been at the heart of the company, which develops luggage for discerning, purposeful travellers.

Both companies share a passion for design, innovation and finished aluminium, so Bang & Olufsen and RIMOWA worked together to create a special edition of the Beoplay H9i in a distinctive RIMOWA case, exploring with this concept the unique link between sound and travel.

Through the joint appreciation of quality workmanship, the use of beautiful materials and a noble design, Bang & Olufsen and RIMOWA appeal to the same exclusive target group - people who value rich, finely tuned sound as much as their travel experiences around the globe.

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