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    BeoPlay Portal

    Engneered for gaming. Designed for life.

    Beoplay Portal delivers key features such as low latency surround sound, impressive microphone performance and Digital Active Noise Cancellation. With Bang & Olufsen's signature sound and design, they provide an engaging and high quality sound experience for games, movies and music.

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Immersive gaming and music experience

Beoplay Portal is the first ever product bearing the Designed for Xbox Limited Series branding. This proprietary technology allows for fast, wireless connection to Xbox devices without any cables or dongles. An array of microphones ensures fast and clear communication through the virtual boom arm. Moreover, advanced battery technology allows for up to 12 hours of wireless gaming, and more than 30 hours of Bluetooth play time with ANC.

The headband features two pads on each side of the head, resulting in a decentered pressure point that relieves stress on the top of the head, while the lambskin leather ear cups protrude from the back of the pads to prevent sound leakage and provide extremely high comfort and insulation for long hours.

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Contemporary design aesthetics

From the stunning gradient anodization on the aluminum earcups through to the premium, durable materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Beoplay Portal adds Scandinavian design values to the world of gaming The dynamic design of the headphones is reflected in the Bang Olufsen app, which now comes with an all new gaming mode.

Lightweight and comfortable

Designed for extended wear, Beoplay Portal weighs only 246 g and feature memory foam ear cushions with built in jaw support that improves acoustic performance as well as comfort. The inner headband is made from a high quality bamboo textile, chosen for its durability and breathability, and is crafted with a unique offset padding to relieve pressure and avoid extended wearing fatigue.

BeoPlay Portal made for gaming

Engineered for gaming

BeoPlay Portal is packed with dedicated gaming functions for quick access instantly adjust ANC/own voice balance, mute, and more. Connect easily to Xbox, with lossless 2,4 GHz built in. Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX TM Adaptive also makes gaming on your phone a seamless experience, while the battery performance ensures that you can keep on gaming for hours and hours.

Immersive and precise surround sound

Beoplay Portal come with Dolby Atmos for Headphones, offering virtualized surround sound for an immersive and precise gaming experience on Xbox and computer platforms - all while retaining the legendary sound experience provided by Bang Olufsen.

Virtual boom arm for crystal clear conversations

An array of beamforming microphones isolates and amplifies your voice while cancelling out background noise creating a virtual boom arm experience that eliminates the need for a physical one. Intuitive touch controls provide quick access to essential voice features such as mute and ANC/own voice adjustment .

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