BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation

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  • BeoSound A1 - 2nd. Generation - compact, portable Bluetooth speaker

    BeoSound A1 - 2nd. Generation

    Bring the beauty everywhere.

    With its refined, sleeker design, redesigned user interface and lots of new features, BeoSound A1 2nd generation is a major improvement on the familiar look with a much wider range of functions.

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BeoSound A1 Grey Mist
<BeoSound A1 Grey Mist

The most beautiful way to listen to music on the move

With an elegant, slim profile, a clearly structured user interface and numerous functions, the 2nd generation BeoSound A1 is a powerful, portable speaker with a cult design. The heart of the 2nd generation BeoSound A1 is the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with the Bluetooth technology aptX Adaptive.

The BeoSound A1 - 2nd generation is equipped with the latest Bluetoot Codec 5.1. This codec makes Bluetooth connections much more reliable, as it can determine the direction of the signal and from this, derive the distance of a device to within a few centimetres. This way, fast connections to the Beosound A1 2nd generation are possible while having a lower energy consumption. In environments with many Bluetooth devices, 5.1 can now select any channel when establishing a connection, this reduces the probability of mutual interference between channels.

Up to 18 hours of playback at normal volume and the fact that the speaker is completely dust- and waterproof ensures that you can enjoy your music wherever you go. In addition, the 2nd generation BeoSound A1 offers an integrated Alexa voice assistant and a special arrangement of three microphones with far-field technology that enables crystal-clear calls. A great communication tool for private or professional use!

BeoSound A1, improved sound quality

Sound quality will exceed that of the original BeoPlay A1

Thanks to its omnidirectional sound based on True360 technology, the BeoSound A1 2nd generation has the same excellent sound performance as BeoPlay A1 despite its slimmer design. Now, BeoSound A1 2nd generation has adaptive ACC and aptX codecs that help to create the ultimate listening experience, all without wires.

Furthermore BeoSound A1 2nd generation now is equipped with multipoint functionality, which means that two devices can be connected to the BeoSound A1 at the same time, making it easier than ever to transfer the playlist.

As before, you can pair two BeoSound A1 2nd generation speakers for stereo playback in order to further enhance the experience.

Some improvements have also been made to the BeoSound A1 2nd generation, making this speaker an excellent companion in the office. It is now equipped with an array of 3 microphones, which have been better positioned on top of the device, resulting in a completely new voice quality for calls compared to the original BeoPlay A1. For even easier connection to PCs, Microsoft Swift Pair and Google Fast Pair have been integrated, making BeoSound A1 2. Generation more efficient and convenient to use for business purposes than ever before.

BeoSound A1 2. Generation - Design icon
BeoSound A1 2. Generation - Design icon

A contemporary interpretation of the design icon.

The original, beautiful shape with its soft edges that make BeoSound A1 so unique is retained, but the classic silhouette has been refined in a more modern style. The aluminium cover is still light, robust and protective, but with a more modern hole pattern. The high-quality modern impression is further enhanced by the new logo badge on the strap, which now bears the Bang& Olufsen trademark.

The argument of portability, which is of decisive importance for the usage scenario of the Beosound A1, is now further substantiated. The device itself is 5% lighter than the original BeoPlay A1 and sits 1 millimeter lower. The lower part of the cabinet has been slimmed down to create an elegant floating or drifting impression - a lighter variation of the classic BeoPlay A1 design. The leather carrying strap has been designed to be extremely versatile, giving an enormous number of placement options.

BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - new user experience
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - new user experience

Completely new user experience and significantly improved playback time

The way of interaction with the device was completely redesigned so that it is easier to use and the well-being of the customer is the first priority. The buttons have been rearranged, centrally aligned with the carrying strap. With the latter as an optical reference point, the device no longer needs to be picked up to locate the buttons.

In addition, the assignment of the buttons is simplified by larger, clearer symbols. In the meantime, the feedback from the buttons has also been significantly improved with a view to seamless interaction with the device. The unit's LED display has been moved to a much clearer position at the top of the unit, which greatly improves viewing angles in all lighting conditions.

You will also notice a breakthrough improvement in battery life compared to the original BeoPlay A1, which is now up to 18 hours at common listening levels and up to 43 hours at low listening levels. Feedback on remaining battery life has also been greatly improved with an earlier LED low battery warning and a "fuel gauge" that allows the user to see the battery level in the Bang& Olufsen App more closely.

BeoSound A1 - IP67 certified.
BeoSound A1 - IP67 certified.

Now, completely dust and waterproof and smarter with Alexa.

Beosound A1 2nd. Gen. is used in an enormous range of environments, and you will appreciate a product that you know can handle it. With the Beosound A1 2nd generation, Bang& Olufsen now offers the first absolutely dust- and waterproof product that is certified up to protection class IP67.

This means that the housing of the product is completely impermeable to dust and sand particles and is protected against water penetration for up to 30 minutes when immersed in water up to 1 m deep. This considerably extends the range of suitable usage scenarios for the Beosound A1 2nd generation, both inside buildings and outside.

BeoSound A1 2nd generation is one of the first Bluetooth speakers on the market having fully integrated the activation word controlled voice assistants Alexa and Xiaowei* (from the end of 2020). The device is equipped with far-field technology, which means that BeoSound A1 2nd generation responds to activation word requests (e.g. 'Alexa') over a distance of up to 5 metres, depending on the spatial environment. For even more convenient operation, the Voice Assistant remains active and ready to respond to requests for up to 3 hours after the device is switched off.

BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - excellent sound quality
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - Protection class IP67
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - aesthetic companion
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - Alexa voice assistant
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - up to 18 hrs. playback time
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation - Bluetooth 5.1

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BeoSound A1 2. Generation - Bring the beauty everywhere

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