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  • BeoSound Explore (grey mist) Outdoor speaker

    BeoSound Explore

    All- round sound for the adventurous.

    Portable. Tough. Ready to go. No matter where your adventures take you, the uncompromising sound quality of the Beosound Explore will get you there. And with its hardened, scratch-resistant, and fully dust and waterproof shell you’ll arrive no worse for wear.

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BeoSound Explore (green) 360 degree sound
<BeoSound Explore (green) 360 degree sound

Tuned to sound great everywhere

A step change in robust construction with a premium execution, BeoSound Explore is the ultimate Bang & Olufsen outdoor speaker, delivering class leading sound and battery life in a lightweight, grabbable packing made for the adventurer.

Bang & Olufsen DNA is at the heart of Beosound Explore. It is not tuned to sound the loudest, it is tuned to sound the best. The dual 1.8” full range drivers deliver a huge musical punch and depth of talent for such a small speaker. Focus has been given to outdoor performance and supreme bass. BeoSound Explore delivers 59dB in bass capability compared to just 46dB for the outgoing P2 and approaches the 62dB of A1 2nd Generation. Want to turn it up? Two Beosound Explores can of course be stereo paired.

A range of potential environments means that BeoSound Explore will need to be suitable for a range of placement options. It will feature 360 degree sound with a versatile strap and carabiner to allow for hanging.

BeoSound Explore (black anthracite) -Ip67 certified

Made to go anywhere

BeoSound Explore is the first speaker to market to feature Type 2 anodised aluminium. Type II anodizing is a process done by placing the aluminum in a sulfuric bath, building up the aluminum oxide on the surface. This makes the material much more scratch and wear resistant than aluminium treated in traditional ways, meaning Explore will look newer for longer and not be damaged as easily should you for example put the speaker in your bag with your keys.

Explore is a speaker used throughout the day, accompanying listeners through the rigours of their hectic lives. As a result, it require levels of durability above what Bang & Olufsens current products offer. The construction is strong and robust with a tough supporting vertical aluminium structure behind the horizontal aluminium ribs. It is tested to remain functional from drop heights of up to 1.5 metres (5 feet) twice the testing performance of A1 2nd Gen. BeoSound Explore is fully IP67 certified. This means it is fully resistant to objects such as dust or sand entering the product on those sunny beach days and waterproof up to a metre’s depth for up to 30 mins.

BeoSound Explore (grey mist) - dustrof and waterprof
BeoSound Explore (grey mist) - dustrof and waterprof

Designed to grab and go

To be a faithful companion in any daily routine, a speaker needs to be easy to move and easy to use. BeoSound Explore has been designed and engineered in an innately grabbable and transportable cylindrical shape making it easy to hold and easy to place in a backpack, pocket or a car cupholder. The overall dimensions of the speaker have been set to provide the best balance between a low weight (less than 600g) and a feeling of sound capability to the user. The user interface is placed on the top of the product offering great visibility for quick interaction.

It is likely that BeoSound Explore will be used often in environments that do not provide easy access to power. Therefore strong battery life is an essential requirement. BeoSound Explore deliver class leading battery life up to 27 hours at typical listening volumes.

BeoSound Explore features a changeable flexible strap meaning it can be hung in many different manners and in many different environments. Moreover, BeoSound Explore is the first Bang & Olufsen product also featuring an integrated carabiner, allowing for tighter hanging options for example on a backppack for long hikes. With True360 degree omnidirectional sound, BeoSound Explore will perform great, no matter how its placed making it a versatile companion both around the home and the campfire.

BeoSound Explore (grey mist) - dustproof
BeoSound Explore - protection class IP67
BeoSound Explore - for mobile outdoor entertainment
BeoSound Explore green in water - IP67 certified
BeoSound Explore black anthracite
BeoSound Explore grey mist with carbiner hook

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BeoSound Explore - made for adventures.

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