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  • Bang & Olufsen EarSet - Bluetoth headphones


    Premium wireless headphones made from high quality materials..

    New wireless earphones with an engineered precision fit, an adjustable earhook wearing style and world-class Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.

    Combining wireless audio-technology with its iconic design, Earset preserves the aspects of the original. With improved acoustics and adjusted comfort, these earphones have got it all –form, function and flair.

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Bang & Olufsen EarSet - evolution of a design icon

Evolution of a design icon.

The iconic design of Earset has been crafted for comfort, precision and flexibility with respect for the Bang & Olufsen design heritage. The original strokes for the design were drawn in the 1990s with a strong focus on the basic architecture of the piston and earhook.

Anodized aluminum is used to achieve a fluid and frictionless movement of the telescopic piston. The anodization of aluminum allows colors to be deeply integrated into the core of the material, providing more depth and durability. When not in use, the earphones can be kept in the included pouch for optimal protection.

Earset white

Sound profile.

The acoustics of Earset are built around a 14.2 mm speaker unit with a neodymium magnet. The acoustic cabinet behind the speaker unit has two acoustic vents and a bass port to optimize the sound performance. Digital equalizers inside the Bluetooth chipset are used to fine tune the final sound performance.

Earset is made for music, with the tuning mastered by Bang & Olufsen’s acclaimed sound engineers for a rich and powerful sound experience. For Earset the same sound engineer has been responsible for the tuning as on the original Earset in the 1990’s.

For Earset the angle of the ear bud housing has been adapted to determine the optimal angle for sound performance, with the speaker housing now tilted slightly towards the ear to ensure better sound delivery and reduce sound leakage.

Wireless Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.

Earset is made for music, with the tuning mastered by Bang & Olufsen’s acclaimed sound engineers for a rich and powerful sound experience. The design of the earbud assures a comfortable fit, while allowing ambient sounds to be heard without affecting the quality of sound.

With 5 hours of effective battery life, the Earset is a great companion for your daily activities. The USB-C charging solution ensures quick and hassle-free charging, so that the earphones are always available for your next adventure.


The original lines for the Earset’s design were drawn in the 1990’s, with a strong focus on the basic shape architecture of the arm, piston and earhook. The design is industrial in essence, originating in the needs of a product that should adapt to your ear. It’s an example of how expert engineering and design goes hand in hand to create an object that is as beautiful as it is useful.

Finely treated anodized aluminum and soft rubber parts allow for effortless adjustment and flexibility, without compromising comfort. The precise, mechanical friction in the piston and the use of hex screws underline the mechanical simplicity inherent in the Earset.

EarSet earhook


Just like all humans are different –all human ears are different too. Both the outer contours of the ear and the inner shapes are uniquely different for each of us, leaving a solid challenge when creating a one-size-fits-all solution, meant to be the perfect companion for the individual.

Earset is crafted from premium materials made to last. The unique construction of the arm, piston and earhook, provides an unprecedented flexibility allowing the Earset to adapt to the shape of the individual ear, rotating and stretching in three different dimensions.

While some earphones accommodate for this difference in the inner ear by providing different ear tips, the construction of Earset has a different starting point. Instead of filling you ear gap like most other earphones on the market, the wearing style of Earset allows the speaker of the earphone to fit comfortably just inside the inner ear without blocking it. Apart from a more comfortable feel, this style also allows ambient sounds to be heard without affecting the quality of sound.

The new EarSet at a glance.

  • EarSet graphite brown
  • EarSet earbud
  • EarSet flexibility
  • EarSet remote control


The iconic earhook is made of brushed aluminum with sections of soft rubber to ensure a comfortable and secure fit behind the ear.


The grill on the earbud is ensuring optimal sound dispersion. It’s designed with inspiration from the hole pattern on the Beoplay A1 speaker.

Anodized aluminum

Earset is crafted from premium materials made to last. The anodized aluminum inherits qualities that make it possible to procure more depth in the color and finish of surfaces during production.


A hex screw attaches the piston to the earhook, underlining the mechanical ideals that has inspired the design. The aluminum used for the telescopic piston ensures a fluid and frictionless movement up and down, which gives it a hydraulic feeling.


The composite polymer housing of the earphone, features an anodized aluminum plate with a laser etched B&O logo. This aluminum has a diamond cut-edge and a radially polished surface to catch and reflect light.


The in-line remote is encased in anodized aluminum and feature a built-in microphone and three buttons for controlling your music.

Bang & Olfsen EarSet white
Bang & Olfsen EarSet brown earbud
Bang & Olfsen EarSet graphite brown
Bang & Olfsen EarSet white
Bang & Olfsen EarSet - companion for on the go.
Bang & Olfsen EarSet white - angenehm zu tragen

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