Beoplay E4

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  • BeoPlay E4 - advanced In-ear- Active Noise Cancelling earphones

    BeoPlay E4

    Advanced Active Noise Cancelling earphones featuring direct and precise sound, unparalleled comfort, air-tight fit, hassle-free device control from the inline remote and Transparency Mode.

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BeoPlay E4 - New ANC headphoes

New, advanced ANC earphones.

E4 are simple, gem-like earphones that allow you to immerse yourself in your music and shut out the noisy world with advanced Active Noise Cancellation. When you need to hear ambient sounds, you can turn the world on with one quick gesture. E4 are more than just a part of your kit. They’re an essential component in your busy, everyday life, bringing you serenity when you need it.

  • Advanced Active Noise Cancellation meets Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound
  • Transparency Mode lets you tune into your surroundings
  • Unparalleled comfort, perfect fit with exchangeable ear tips
  • Ultra-light, luxurious materials
  • Up to 20 hours of Active Noise Cancellation playtime
  • BeoPlay E4- In-Ear headphones with ANC.
BeoPlay E4- advanced ANC of the nex generation
BeoPlay E4- ANC der nächsten Generation

What is new?

Next generation ANC

Now with hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, the most advanced technology that effectively and accurately reduces ambient sounds using two microphones. E4 offers even better ANC performance at lower frequencies than its predecessor H3 ANC, suppressing up to 15 dB more sound.

Transparency Mode

With one quick gesture you can tune into your surroundings without taking your earphones off.

Improved design of the ANC controller

The smaller, square size offers greater tactility and pocket fit.

Improved design of remote control

Sleeker and more user friendly with aluminium and rubber finish for added tactility and durability.

Improved design of the Y-break

More aesthetic aluminum finish and flexible design.

BeoPLay E4 - part of your style
improved design of the ANC controller
BeoPlay E4 - calms you down
BeoPlay E4 - improved design of remote control
BeoPlay E4 - up to 20 hours playtime with active ANC
BeoPLay E4 - supressing up to 15dB more sound

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