Beoplay H3 ANC

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  • BeoPlay H3 ANC - in-ear-headphones with active noice canceling

    BeoPlay H3 ANC

    A superior active noise canceling in-ear headphone that allows the user to shut out a noisy world and experience the acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound in an elegant design with unparalleled comfort.

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B&O PLAY H3 ANC - the perfect everyday companion.

Perfect everyday companion.

BeoPlay H3 ANC is a superior, active noise cancellation in-ear headphone, delicately tuned to strike the perfect balance between sound and silence and featuring unparalleled comfort, air tight fit, and hassle-free device control from the in-line remote.

The low weight, comfort and functionality easily blends into your daily life becoming an integral part of your routines. Listen to music and take calls on-the-go hassle-free with in-line remote and microphone.

Ingenious design by Jakob Wagner.

Ingenious design.

Jakob Wagner found that one of the challenges designing earphones was, that when you design things that are so close to the face, you get to affect people’s personality. Like eyewear, the design of an earphone becomes part of a person’s personality, what he or she communicates to the world, and therefore you have to be very conscious of what the design expresses.

“It was very important to me that the headphone was not to be conceived as a hearing aid or a medical device. In addition, I wanted the fit into the ear to feel comfortable and securely rested when you are moving around. It is also important that the headphone does not stick out too much, dominating the ear completely.”

  • outstanding comfort
BeoPlay H3 ANC with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound - Whether ANC is turned on or off

Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound - Whether ANC is turned on or off

A Small air vent in the front of the unit lets out extra pressure so the bass level is adjusted to perfection and does not become too dominant.

29 precision drilled holes function as air vents when the driver is moving and the music is playing – but also ensure you get minimal sound leakage both in and out resulting in exceptionally natural sound reproduction.

A custom designed 10.8 mm driver provides a surprisingly powerful sound performance for a product its size.

A miniature bass port integrated in the internal cabinet gives great performance in the low frequencies.

long battery time
made from premium materials

Product materials

The inner housing is made out of polymer to feel nice against your skin and for the right ergonomic shape.

The ear tips – super soft Comply™ memory foam and silicone ear tips in different sizes are included with the headphones to guarantee a near-perfect fit for almost any shape and size of ear. The materials ensure optimal acoustic performance and maximum isolation.

The strain relief is made out of rubber to guide the cable and to ensure maximum flexibility. The external housing is made of stainless, lightweight metal, which makes H3 ANC robust, scratch-resistant, and lightweight.

The metall is hairline brushed on the front to catch and reflect the light – and to give it a jewelry feeling. It’s been pearl blasted on the side to “kill the light” and to create a contrast that highlights its shape.

The ANC control unit is made out of soft rubbery polymer. Designed to lie directly behind your phone in your pocket without taking up too much space.

Ear tips from  aus Comply™

Comply™ Tips

Delivering maximum noise isolation: For a superior audio experience, Isolation T-200 tips are engineered with super soft memory foam that gently seals the ear canal, providing amazing comfort and a stay-in-ear fit — so you hear music the way it was meant to be heard.

Superior audio experience: These tips create an optimal seal and channel sound directly into the ear canal, transforming your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Secure fit: Expanding to fit the ear canal’s unique shape, these tips give you a custom fit and remarkable in-ear retention, so your earphones remain secure without irritation and fatigue.

Blocks noise: These tips allow you to enjoy your music in noisy environments without raising the volume.

Soft comfort: The unique memory foam provides all-day comfort, while eliminating in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with stock silicone tips.

Materials: Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant)

comfortably and securely in the ear
in-line remote and microphone.
BeoPlay H3 ANC - lightweight and comfortable
BeoPlay H3 ANC - made for music lovers
BeoPlay H3 ANC - scratch resistant and lightweight.
ear tips  – from soft Comply™ Memory- Foam and silicone tips are included in scope of supply

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