P9 Signature

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  • Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

    P9 Signature

    Specially designed for music lovers.

    Designed with music lovers in mind, P9 Signature delivers a unique and superior audio experience; bespoke technologies provide precision at high frequencies and astonishing bass for the ultimate audio experience.

    P9 Signature is a bold statement of a headphone. It delivers levels of depth and clarity that re-write the rules of mobile listening and is a fitting celebration of Bowers & Wilkins’ five decades of acoustic excellence.

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P9 Signature brown
P9 Signature brown

True Hi-Fi headphones

The new P9 Signature, designed to mark the 50th anniversary of Bowers & Wilkins, reproduces the music with all the emotion that the musician put into the original recording. This unique hi-fi headphone is the worthy flagship for Bowers & Wilkins award-winning mobile hi-fi headphones. The P9 Signature, which is equipped with innovative acoustic technologies, stands out with breathtaking sound quality. With it, Bowers & Wilkins is once again setting the standard by which other manufacturers have to compete.

The P9 Signature has the same spirit and exacting material selection as the latest generation Diamond speakers. The finest materials have been used for each component of P9 Signature – nothing is off the shelf, everything is custom. Every element has been designed by Bowers & Wilkins engineers to work seamlessly together to create the highest-quality listening experience.

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P9 Signature at a glance

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Pristine sound

P9 Signature is capable of delivering professional-quality sound that takes you to the very heart of your favourite music. Crystal-clear treble, insightful midrange and deep, agile bass combine with remarkable imaging to create a breath-taking performance.

Advanced transducers

New proprietary piston diaphragm drivers deliver coloration-free sound reproduction, while the angled drivers provide an incredibly spatial soundstage for a uniquely immersive listening experience.

Luxuriously portable

P9 Signature boasts forged aluminium foldable arms for amazing durability and headband strength. Other luxury materials include Italian Saffiano leather, which is usually associated with premium designer leather goods.

Superior comfort

Uniquely vented multi-layer memory foam cushions combine with P9 Signature’s high-quality leather ear-pads and headband for a highly comfortable fit, perfect for even the longest listening sessions.




  • Nylon damped cone with acoustic coating
  • Large surround diaphragm
  • Dual cavity ear cushions
  • Changeable and controlled acoustic air leak cushions
  • Detachable cable
  • Folding design


  • 3,5-mm-Stereo-jack (TRRS 4-pole CITA)
  • 3,5-mm-Stereo-jack (TRS 3-pole unbalanced stereo)


  • Effective frequency range: 2 – 30.000 Hz
  • Driver units: 2x 40mm Full Range


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