Loewe. stands for Television Made in Germany. Development, production and service are located in the Upper Franconian Kronach. Innovation, perfection and durability. Modular technology, high quality materials, precision in processing, software updates, energy efficiency and timeless design guarantee the sustainability of the products.

Loewe TV-Systeme

TV- Systems

Loewe Lautsprechersysteme


TV- Systems

LOEWE. stands for superior quality and sophisticated design made in Germany. Handmade and high-tech at the highest level. OLED technology, perfect sound and intuitive operation.

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Loewe wireless loudspeakers and subwoofers impress with their outstanding sound quality at the highest level and aesthetic perfection made in Germany.

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Loewe since 1923

We introduce: Loewe.

Founded in 1923 by Siegmund and David Loewe, Loewe was catapulted on the front page of New York Times during the international Berlin Radio Show in 1931 with the world's first electronic television broadcast. At that time, Loewe invented television. The technology was developed with the physicist and ingenious inventor Manfred von Ardenne, Loewe's then chief engineer. Loewe developed the first portable TV, the first color TV and the first TV with stereo sound. To this day, Loewe devices are "Made in Germany" - and this with passion, enthusiasm and impressive know-how.

Loewes headquarters, development and production are in Kronach, in Upper Franconia. There costly manufactured products arise: High-tech with soul, made with the best materials. Inside: state-of-the-art technology. Loewe combines tradition and zeitgeist with cutting-edge innovation. They are perfectionists. The products are thought through in every detail, functional, minimalist and extremely user-friendly. They rarely settle for the status quo, they create something new, test it and improve it. Loewe is a leader in terms of the latest OLED technology. And that's television in a new dimension: fascinating authentic, opulent pictures on ultra-flat screens. OLED pixels have an immense luminosity. Turned off, they are black. Deep black. And that in less than a millisecond, similar to a fireworks at night. This light-dark contrast and this absolute black, without any graying, creates a veritable explosion of color, in which even the finest shades of color are faithfully reproduced. LOEWE - Spectacular pictures. Award Winning Design. Perfect sound. State-of-the-art technology.