Loewe klang 1

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  • klang 1 speaker and subwoofer in black

    klang 1

    Compact, thought-out, elegant.

    Music is pure emotion. It leaves positive traces in the brain and pushes our body to produce an extra dose of the happiness hormone dopamine. A day without music? Hardly conceivable. It is an important part of our everyday life. Music touches, inspires and motivates. Loewe klang 1 - for pure happiness.

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klang 1 system

Audible sound art.

Loewe klang1 speakers for an authentic voluminous sound experience. Finest tone nuances are clearly defined and exactly balanced. Thereby even speech is extremely clear, whether loud or whispery. No matter where the speakers are placed - on the elegant floor stands on the floor, in the corner, on a shelf or on the wall.

  • klang 1 speaker and Subwoofer


    Loewe TVs harmonize perfectly with Loewe speakers and subwoofers. They act as the center speaker and provide access to more than 30,000 internet radio stations and music streaming portals like Tidal. Whether a 3.1 system with two speakers and a subwoofer or 5.2 surround sound with five speakers and two subwoofers - the home cinema system is flexibly expandable. Loewe klang 1 speaker and the klang 1 subwoofer also work without a TV or audio system: Via line-in notebooks, smartphones and other music sources can be connected directly. Exquisite sound, without additional system - even at the office.

    The entire system can be easily controlled with the Loewe remote control - from the set-up to daily use. No matter how many Loewe speakers and subwoofers are connected to the Loewe TV, you will only need one single remote control. Through the TV's menue you can set the entire system. Many sound settings are already preconfigured.

  • klang 1 speaker

    klang 1 speaker

    klang 1 speakers with powerful 120 watts of music power are modern and elegant. Two full-range speakers that produce powerful sound. They fit in any interior. Details: seamless fabric cover in black, graphite gray or light gray. Noble, textile-related cables.

    klang 1 are variable in terms of placement: on the shelf / on a table (the foot is already integrated), at a wall with wallmount or on the floor with floorstand. The floorstand even has storage to roll up the cable. Gold-plated metal spring clips ensure the safe and secure connection of speaker cables up to 2.5 mm². klang 1 can be used for scenarios from 2.1 to 5.2 sound in the Loewe system; The connection to other amplifiers is possible, too.

    klang 1 Subwoofer
  • klang 1 subwoofer

    klang 1 Subwoofer

    Powerfull 300 watts for an impressive sound. The acoustic concept - with powerful concentrated bass - is based on an active loudspeaker and two passive membranes for extra intense bass tones. This impressive sound is in a striking compact case with a solid aluminum top. With the high-quality fabric cover in black, graphite gray or light gray and a cleverly concealed cable routing, the klang 1 subwoofer blends harmoniously into any room.

Loewe klang 1 at a glance

  • klang 1 system
  • klang 1 speakers light gray
  • klang 1 subwoofer transparant
  • klang 1 subwoofer black

Joy of Use in the system with Loewe TV sets

Comfortable set-up operation of audio settings and functions via TV menu and Loewe Assist remote control.

Loewe TVs can act as center speaker.

Less components, less wiring, more aesthetics in the living spaces.

Best Loewe design

Excellent product family design in the Loewe system with an elegant appearance, color coordinated and covered with seamless woven acoustic fabrics.

The Loewe System

Perfectly coordinated system combination between Loewe speakers, subwoofers and Loewe TV-speakers through acoustic adjustment for the best listening experience.

Flexibility as needed

From 2.1 stereo to 5.2 surround sound. Even more bass with two klang 1 subwoofer simultaneously possible. klang 1 can be placed on the shelf / on the table (foot integrated), on the wall with wallmount or on the floor with floorstand.

Solid and well thought out

The subwoofer housing is made of thick-walled composite material. The klang 1 have integrated a sophisticated Waveguide in their compact housing.

Placement options

klang 1 as shelf speaker

Tablestand (integrated)

The integrated table stand is ideal for setting up on the shelf or on the sideboard. Its soft material protects sensitive surfaces.

klang 1 on a floor stand

Loewe FS klang 1

Overwhelming sound, wonderful look: free in the room, with high-quality stainless steel base and almost invisible concealed cable.

klang 1 at a wall mount

Loewe MW klang 1

Quick and easy to assemble. The wall mounting is invisible by its magnetic cover. Similarly refined: the concealed cable guide at the back. The speaker can be individually rotated and aligned.

  • klang 1 as Surround sound setup


  • klang 1 speaker


    • Principle: Passiv-speaker, 1-way-closed
    • Nominal-/Music power (sine/max.): 40 W / 60 W
    • Frequency range: 135 Hz – 20 kHz (– 6 dB)
    • Acoustic presure at 1W: 81dB (at a distance of 1 metre)

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Dimensions (W/H/D): 9,5 x 17,7 x 9,5 cm
    • Weight: 0.9 kg
    • Volume: 0,3 Litres


    • Assembly: 1 x 75mm (3-Zoll) Full-Range Speaker
    • Speaker connections: Metal spring terminals, gold plated (max. 2,5 mm²)


    Data Sheet

    Key Product Features summarized.

    User Guide

    Information about esential functions.

  • klang 1 Subwoofer


    • Principle: Active-Subwoofer, Passive-Radiator
    • Power Amplifier: Total power: 300 W / 1 digital power amplifier (Class D) for Subwoofer channel: 150 W (sine) / 2 digital power amplifiers (Class D) for connecting addtional speakers: 75 W, 4 Ohms each
    • Nominal-/Music power (sine/max.): 150 W / 300 W
    • Frequency range: 35 Hz – 250 Hz (-6 dB)

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Dimensions (BW/H/D): 24,1 x 25,8 x 24,1 cm
    • Weight: 6,8 kg


    • Subwoofer Gain: –6 dB / +6 dB
    • Polarity
    • Phase switch, Sub-sonc-filter
    • Bass equaliser
    • Stand-by-switch
    • Signal recognition
    • Digital Audiolink-connector: in / out
    • Assembly: 1 woofer, 2 Passive radiators
    • Speaker connections: Srew terminals, gold plated
    • Cinch connections (Line In): left / right / Subwoofer


    Data Sheet

    Key Product Features summarized.

    User Guide

    Information about esential functions.

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