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  • Bild 7 with klang 5

    klang 5

    Best sound for the best picture.

    Wireless signal transmission opens up a wide variety of placement options for the Loewe audio system. The speakers and subwoofer use an integrated wireless technology to communicate with all Digital Audiolink enabled Loewe televisions. With the television providing a fully integrated centre speaker the klang 5 system offers a range of configurations from a powerful and beautifully natural 3.1 sound right up to an incredible and immersive 5.2 sound, simply by adding two more speakers and another subwoofer.

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klang 5 system 2.1
klang 5 system 2.1

Music is an incredible stimulus to our brain. Scientists even claim: Music makes you happy. Audio developer Alfred Hassaoui, who plays more than eight instruments from the soprano saxophone to the tenor horn, has elevated powerful bass timbres, detailed mid-tones and the finest nuances to new levels. The result: Loewe klang 5 with built-in wireless technology, powerful 270 watts of output and five active speakers come together to create a compelling sound experience that is close to magical.

System Highlights:

  • Acoustically adapted to ensure perfect design and functional integration with Loewe televisions for an optimal listening experience
  • Can be used from 2.1 to 5.2 – with the Loewe television acting as centre speaker
  • Intelligent wireless technology: no annoying cables across the room
  • Audio settings and features can be controlled easily using the Loewe television menu and remote control
  • Low-resonance, minimalist housing with no visible screws
  • Covered with a special seamless acoustic fabric
  • Made in Germany: precise workmanship and premium materials
  • klang 5 Design


    The design focuses on the pure and timeless appeal of a subtle and delicate tubular form, allowing the speakers to fit effortlessly within any environment. The minimalist housing, with no visible screws or seams, is covered with an acoustic fabric developed specially for Loewe that allows sound to travel extremely vibrantly throughout the room. The speakers and subwoofer are available in either Light Grey or Graphite Grey in order to suit with the Loewe bild 7, bild 5 or bild 3 televisions.

    klang 5 speaker
  • klang 5 speaker

    klang 5 speaker

    Loewe’s acoustic laboratory uses both state-of-the-art measurement and the human ear in order to continuously perfect the sound propagation. Sounds vibrate in waves and ‘waveguide’ neatly sums up the principle behind the clever design of the speaker housing – the shape ensuring optimal propagation of the sound. The result is powerful and authentic sound that fills the entire room.

    The rear side, made of massive aluminium, is used as a cosmetically perfectly integrated heat sink. Moreover, it adds stability to the cabinet. The reinforced housing without visible screws is covered with seamless woven acoustic fabric and is low in resonance. The fabric was developed step by step in many experiments together with textile specialists in Germany in order to meet the high visual demands, but at the same time not to influence the acoustics.

    klang 5 Subwoofer
  • klang 5 subwoofer

    klang 5 Subwoofer

    Designed to meet the most exacting standards, the acoustic concept uses an active speaker and two passive membranes to generate very warm and natural low frequencies, while an impressive 300 sine (600 max) watts of music power ensure strong and concentrated bass. This amazing sound is packaged in elegant housing with a premium solid aluminium surface plate that exudes quality.

    A glance inside: an efficient and sophisticated acoustic concept ensures powerful and nuanced warm bass sound. The compact housing conceals an active speaker (8") and two passive membranes (8").

klang 5 system with klang link

Digital Audiolink enabled Loewe televisions allow the creation of an integrated wireless system in which the klang 5 is automatically detected and connected at the touch of a button. On the technical side, the speakers harmonise perfectly with the new Loewe bild 7, bild 5 or bild 3 televisions in their role as centre speaker. Four klang 5 speakers and one klang 5 subwoofer transform your Loewe television into a 5.1 home cinema system with impressive surround sound. The speakers can be placed flexibly within the room to optimise the sound experience and take account of different spatial configurations. Whether next to a wall, placed in a corner or free-standing, they deliver the same perfect sound experience.

Loewe klang 5 at a glance

  • klang 5 subwofer light grey
  • klang 5 speaker light grey
  • klang 5 speaker graphite
  • klang 5 subwoofer graphite

Joy of Use in system with Loewe TV devices

Comfortable operation of Audio setups and functions via TV menu ad Loewe Assist Remote Control.

Impressive sound, from low bass to crystal clear treble

This is ensured by the three bass speakers in the subwoofer and five speakers in klang 5.

Best Loewe familiy design

Exzellent product family design within the system with elegant appearance, matching in colour tone, and covered with seamless acoustic fabric.

The Loewe System

Perfectly matching system between Loewe klang 5, Loewe klang 5 subwoofer, and Loewe TV speakers by acoustic adjustment for the best sound experience.

Flexibility as requiered

Wireless or wired connectable. From Stereo to 5.2 surround sound. Powerful bass by using two klang 5 subwoofer at the same time.

Loewe TVs can be used as Center Speaker

Less components, less cabling, more aesthetics in living room.

bild 5 with klang5 and klang 5 subwoofer

Loewe klang link

Wireless module for wireless audio signal transmission.

Compatible with Loewe TV sets enabled for Digital AudioLink, e.g. Loewe bild 7, Loewe bild 5 and Loewe loudspeakers Loewe klang 5, Loewe klang 5 subwoofers.

The transmitter for the wireless audio signal transmission. Loewe klang link fits into the cable shaft of many Loewe TV sets and is therefore virtually invisible. The transmission is lossless and uncompressed. The wireless digital transmission uses the 5,8GHz range, which excludes interference by WLAN or bluetooth – if needed, it can switch to other frequency ranges. The transmission power is adjusted dynamically: Unnecessary radio signals outside the line between Loewe klang link and Loewe klang 5 are greatly reduced.


  • klang 5 speaker


    • Principle: active, 3-way closed, D‘Appolito configuration
    • Power amp: 4 digital amplifiers (class D)
    • Nominal /music power (sine /max.): 135 W / 270 W
    • Frequency range: 55 Hz – 22 kHz (– 3 dB)
    • Acoustic pressure (Midrange /Peak): 97 dB/ 106 dB (at a distance of 1 metre)

    weight & dimension

    • Dimensions (W/H/D): 11,8 x 135,8 x 11,8 cm / total deth on floor plate: 28cm
    • weight: 11,5 kg
    • Power consumption Stand-by: 0,5W
    • Power consumption "OFF": 0,00W
    • Power consumption „ON“: 170W


    • Wireless Digital Audiolink: 5,8 GHz
    • Digital Audiolink connector: in / out
    • Cinch connection (Line in)
    • Signal detection
    • Sound optimization: speaker position adjustable
    • Gain adjustment
    • Digital Audiolink cable: 5m


    Data Sheet

    Key Product Features summarized.

    User Guide

    Information about essential functions.

  • klang 5 Subwoofer


    • Principle: Active subwoofer, passive radiator
    • Power Amplifiers: 2 digital amplifiers (class D), 150 W (sinus) each, both driving the active subwoofer. DSP controlled
    • Nominal /music power (sine/max.): 300 W / 600 W
    • Frequency range: 28 Hz – 180 Hz (-6 dB)

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Dimensions (W/H/D): 32,1 x 29,4 x 32,1 cm
    • Weight: 11,2 kg


    • Subwoofer Gain: –12 dB / +6 dB
    • Polarity
    • Sub-sonic filter
    • Bass equaliser (Subwoofer position)
    • Stand-by switch
    • Signal recognitio
    • Digital Audiolink connector: in / out
    • Speaker complement: 1 woofer, 2 passive radiators, 8 inches
    • Signal transmission : Wireless Digital Audiolink, 5,8 GHz
    • Cinch connections: Line In: left / right ; Line Out: left / right (high-pass 100 Hz)


    Data Sheet

    Key Product Features summarized.

    User Guide

    Information about essential functions.

klang 5 speaker detail floor base
klang 5 system with bild 7
klang 5 graphite
klang 5 in system with bild 3
klang 5 speaker detail fabric
klang 5 single

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