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  • klang 9 graphite grey

    klang 9

    High tech for the best sound.

    Powerful sound - tones that dance, glamorously staged. Inspired by the elegance of Art Deco of Paris in the 1920s and the clear geometric shapesof Constructivism, Creative Director Bodo Sperlein designed an unique cabinet for Loewe's finely nuanced acoustic concept. The aesthetics and sound of the klang 9 speakers, available in Amber Gold or Graphite Grey, perfectly complement the Loewe bild 9 TV and appear particularly cozy.

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klang 9 without cover
klang 9 without cover

High tech for the best sound.

Being active speakers the built-in drivers and the amplifiers can be matched perfectly to supplement each other delivering a perfect synergy. Due to the significant spatial separtion of the amplifiers within active speakers, a maximum channel separation is guaranteed, which enables for the best possible sound reproduction. High quality circuits drive each amplifier precisely: the difference between the channels is less than 6 nanoseconds.

The selected midrange and tweeter speakers supplement each other ideally using the D'Appolito arrangement, thus ensuring a natural, pure sound. They are seamlessly supported by the big woofers.

A fully integrated subwoofer unit delivers powerful and authentic bass reproduction meaning an additional subwoofer is nopt really necessary. Simply connect Loewe klang 9 easily and enjoy perfect sound - whether classical, pop, jazz or an action blockbuster. Loewe klang 9 speakers deliver an incredible new audio experience into your living room.

bild 9 with klang 9 in amber gold
bild 9 with klang 9 in amber gold

Powerful sound

The concept of a 3-way active speaker and four digital amplifiers with an output of 310 watts (155 W sine) provide an impressive listening experience. Loewe klang 9 speakers combine the technology of a column speaker with a fully-fledged subwoofer in one device. At Loewe, the head acoustician Alfred Hassaoui, who has mastered eight musical instruments from soprano saxophone, the piano to the tenor horn, has refined the timbre: a rich dynamic base, powerful mid-tones and the finest treble nuances. The result: a powerful, wonderfully authentic, multi-faceted sound.

Digital Audiolink enabled Loewe televisions allow the creation of an integrated wireless system in which the klang 9 speakers are automatically detected and connected at the touch of a button. On the technical side, the speakers harmonise perfectly with the Loewe bild 9 TV soundbar in its role as centre speaker. The speakers can be placed flexibly within the room to optimize the sound experience and take account of different spatial configurations. Whether next to a wall, placed in a corner or free-standing, they deliver the same perfect sound experience.

klang 9 amber gold


A character piece. Individual, sophisticated and irresistibly different. High-tech with a hint of glamour yet wonderfully minimalist and understated. The low-resonance housing with high-quality solid stainless steel in Graphite Grey or Amber Gold perfectly complements the Loewe bild 9 TV. Flawless acoustics are a given and with each speaker covered in a special seamless acoustic fabric developed specially for Loewe, the speakers have a particularly warm and homely feel.

The striking solid aluminium fins at the back act as a perfect integrated heat sink, contributing to the consistent and stable overall performance of the speakers.

Loewe klang 9 at a glance

  • klang 9 graphite
  • klang 9 amber gold
  • klang 9 amber from backside

Ease of Use with Loewe TVs

Intuitive audio setup and control via TV menu and Loewe assist remote control.

Excelent Design

Bodo Sperlein's sculptural design delivers a stunning and completely unique apperance Wonderful matching a Loewe bild 9, both complement each other when performing in the living room.

Beautifully built

The extremely robust and solid housing is highly functional and exquisitely finished without visible screws or fixings and covered with bespoke acoustic fabrics. The striking steel frame serves both as design element and as the stand slution.

Unique sound experience

Each klang 9 speaker includes both the functionality of a stereo speaker and a fully equipped subwoofer. From High and mid tones to powerful bass - all combined in one device. With 155W (sine) / 310W (max.) output, klang 9 delivers an incredibly powerful and complete sound even without an additional subwoofer.

Ease of Use with Loewe TVs

Intuitive audio setup and control via TV menu and Loewe assist remote control.

Flexibility for your individual requirements.

Wireless or wired. 3.0; 3.1; 5.0; 5.1. Loewe klang 9 speakers on their own or with a Loewe klang 5 subwoofer? Your Choice.

bild 9 und klang 9 in graphite grey

Loewe klang link

Wireless module for wireless audio signal transmission.

Compatible with Loewe TV sets enabled for Digital AudioLink, e.g. Loewe bild 9, bild 7, Loewe bild 5 and Loewe loudspeakers Loewe Loewe klang 9, klang 5, Loewe klang 5 subwoofers.

The transmitter for the wireless audio signal transmission. Loewe klang link fits into the cable shaft of many Loewe TV sets and is therefore virtually invisible. The transmission is lossless and uncompressed. The wireless digital transmission uses the 5,8GHz range, which excludes interference by WLAN or bluetooth – if needed, it can switch to other frequency ranges. The transmission power is adjusted dynamically: Unnecessary radio signals outside the line between Loewe klang link and Loewe klang 9 are greatly reduced.


  • klang 9 Speakers


    • Principle: active, 3-way closed, D‘Appolito configuration
    • Power Ampliefier: 4 digital amplifiers (class D)
    • Nominal /music power (sine /max.): 155 W / 310 W
    • Frequency range: 35 Hz – 22 kHz (– 3 dB)
    • Acoustic pressure (Midrange /Peak): 107 dB / 106 dB (at a distance of 1 metre)

    Weight & Dimension

    • Dimensions (W/H/D): 25,1 x 71,2 x 26 cm
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • Power consumption Stand-by: 0,5W
    • Power consumption "OFF": 0,00W
    • Power consumption "ON": 190W


    • Speaker complement: 1 x 6 inch woofers; 2 x 6 inch woofers (passive); 2 x 3 inch midrange speaker; 1 x 1 inch tweeter
    • Wireless Digital Audiolink: 5,8 GHz
    • Digital Audiolink-connector: in / out
    • Cinch connection (Line in)
    • Signal detection
    • Sound optimization: speaker position adjustable
    • Gain adjustment
    • Digital Audiolink cable: 5m


    Data Sheet

    Key Product Features summarized.

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