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    Stereo excellence. In tune with you.

    Beolab 28 is slimmer, smarter and more surprising than any stereo speaker you’ve experienced before. Position it anywhere in the home, stream anything you want instantly, and be immersed in powerful studiograde sound that adapts to your space. All in a beautifully elegant form that can be controlled with a touch.

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BeoLab 28 silver with oak front
BeoLab 28 silver with oak front

In tune with you

The Beolab 28 is sleeker, smarter, and more surprising than any stereo speaker you've experienced before. Place it anywhere in your home, instantly stream anything you want, and immerse yourself in powerful studio-quality sound that automatically adapts to your space. All in a wonderfully elegant form that can be controlled with just one touch.

Beolab 28 is a wireless speaker that combines the advanced acoustical innovations, created through the past 35 years with the convenience and smart speaker features you know from Bang & Olufsen's Flexible Living products.

All in all, Beolab 28 is bringing an updated product proposition, and is versatile both in use and appearance. It can be both your ultimate stereo HiFi system as well as to ensure the perfect TV surround sound experience. Due to the small footprint, Beolab 28 is easy to fit into any living room. It is powerful enough to enrich even larger rooms, and it is easy to use. Simply, start the experience using your Bang Olufsen remote, interact with the product directly on top or pick up your smartphone and stream to it directly.

With the availability of a wide range of colours, materials and finishes, and the flexibility in having all the items separately, give a high degree of mix and match options to match your décor.

BeoLab 28 - with BeoVison Harmony

Adaptive studio-grade sound quality

Precise highs, clear mids and physical lows, Beolab 28 delivers incredible sound and stereo imaging from custom designed drivers, including a down firing subwoofer. Using Beam Width Control technology from the Beolab 90 music reaches the ear directly and unaltered, minimising the interference of side wall reflections. Active Room Compensation adapts bass response to the room to allow for flexible speaker placement.

BeoLab 28 Bronze Tone - standout Design
BeoLab 28 Bronze Tone - standout Design

Standout design that fits in anywhere

Elegant and slender, Beolab 28 can be placed anywhere in the living room from the floor to the wall. It fits around you. A solid backbone joins a conical woofer design at the bottom, giving the impression that the speaker is floating in mid air. Moving wooden curtains add a touch of magic when the speaker is switched on or the beam is adjusted. Finished in a variety of luxurious colours and materials.

Precision engineered to last generations

Beolab 28 is built to last. Formed, turned, milled and anodised aluminum made in Bang & Olufsen's legendary Factory 5 in Denmark makes the foundation. It's adorned with tactile knitted fabric and solid wood that comes from a supplier B&O worked with since 1949. Every speaker is inspected by eye. The focus on longevity even touches technology, with an upgradeable connectivity module to ensure it plays on through generations.

BeoLab 28 - Cover from smoked oak

An exceptional experience right out the box

The Beolab 28 redefines what an all-in-one speaker can do. Thanks to wireless connectivity, setup is quick and wireless. With built-in music streaming, you can play what you want, when you want, via popular streaming services. A built-in down firing subwoofer eliminates the need for a separate bass speaker, saving valuable floor space. The touch user interface at the top gives you elegant control over all.

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